The Hour of the Time (Bill Cooper) – B’nai B’rith (ADL) Part 5

Tape No. 535:  „ADL #5“
Thursday, January 26, 1995

This broadcast was taken in whole or in part from investigations conducted by the CAJI News Service, and the Intelligence Service, and from reports published by The Executive Intelligence Review entitled „The Ugly Truth About The ADL“, and „Dope Inc.“.
From the „Miami Harold“, Miami, Florida, June 29th, 1994:  „ADL Launches
Book Against Religious Right“, by Peggy Landers, „Harold“ Religious

„Art Teitlebaum <sp?> minced no words Tuesday in blasting a contingent
of the religious right for using what he called ‚murderously mean

Murderously mean tactics!

„…in pursuing an exclusionist and dangerous political agenda,
particularly in Florida.

„The Anti-Defamation League Southern Area Director called a news
conference at his downtown office to announce the distribution of a
190-page National Anti-Defamation League Report called ‚The Religious
Right:  The Assault On Tolerance and Pluralism in America‘.

„The book, which costs $7.50, and is available through the Miami ADL
Office, is the result of a year-long national research project to
document what its authors call ‚a bitter push to replace the wall of
separation of church and state with a citadel of Christianity, while
suggesting that those who defend the walls are enemies of God‘.“

Well, it sounds like at least they know who they are.

„It warns that the Religious Right is seeking to Christianize public
school curricula and gain control of the Republican Party.

„‚Florida has become a lightning-rod state for grass-roots campaigns to
return prayer to public schools, oppose abortion, elect Christian
candidates, and oppose civil rights protections for homosexuals,‘
Teitlebaum said.

„‚Florida represents, in many of its communities, what America will be
like in the year 2000 in cultural diversity and changing demographics.
The state’s future depends on our success in being a multi-cultural
society,‘ he said.

He pointed to the murder of Dr. David Gunn <sp?> by religious
anti-abortion activists in Pensacola…

I wonder why he didn’t point to any of the murders committed by the ADL.

„…the success in Lake County of Christian fundamentalist school board
members in mandating that public school students be taught that American
culture is superior to all others, and the American Family Association’s
initiative to block civil rights protections for homosexuals as
religious right activities in Florida.“

Folks, what they call protections for homosexuals are really the
granting of rights to homosexuals that no one else has, and that should
never be allowed.

„Teitlebaum warned of stealth candidates who hide their religious
objectives in the possibility of religious tests for political office.
‚If he’s a Christian, vote for him.  If he’s not, don’t.‘

„But Raul Molina <sp?>, Director of the Dade County Chapter of the
Christian Coalition, said such claims are inaccurate and mean-spirited.

„‚The 1.2 million members of the Christian Coalition are people of faith
who have felt disenfranchised, and under-represented, and want to have a
voice in our country’s government,‘ Molina said.

„‚We are a political movement based on issues, not on religious
doctrines.  It’s the liberals in organizations such as the
Anti-Defamation League that are attempting to censor us and take away
our voice in government.  They are the ones who are intolerant and


On February the 28th, 1986, Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palm <sp?> was
assassinated by a lone gunman on the streets of Stockholm.  Just before
his assassination, Palm was in the process of cracking down on Swedish
arms dealers who were funneling guns to the Nicaraguan Contras and to
the Iranian regime.

Shades of Ollie North!

The Iran-Contra Scandal had not yet broken publicly, and Palm’s probe
threatened to blow the lid on the entire covert program of the Israeli
Mossad, B’nai B’rith, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the
Anti-Defamation League, and of course, the American Intelligence

Curiously, many of the guns being sold by the Swedes, with the collusion
of Oliver North, the CIA Chief William Casey, and the Israelis, were
coming from East Germany and other Soviet bloc states.

Are you beginning to understand the implications?

Was Palm in the process of unearthing a cynical east-west collusion, as
I have warned you about previously?–an even nastier reality buried
beneath the then-unknown Iran-gate Scandal?

Was he about to blow the lid on the phony Cold War?

Had he inadvertently stumbled onto the trail of the Anti-Defamation
League’s own involvement in this demi-monde of gun and drug dealing?

Absolutely, ladies and gentlemen.  Absolutely.

And the answer to that question was implicitly given within days of the
Palm assassination when the Anti-Defamation League joined with the KGB
and the East German Stasse <sp?> (State Security Service) in an effort
to blame the Palm murder on Swedish associates of Lyndon LaRouche, who
had already exposed all of their dirty dealing.

ADL Fact-Finding Division Chief Irwin Sewell, himself an Oxford
University-trained, active member of the Socialist Internationale, an
alumni of our President William Clinton, personally flew to Stockholm to
fuel the disinformation campaign linking LaRouche to the Palm murder.

Soviet Ambassador Boris Pankin <sp?>–a major general in the KGB who
specialized in planting disinformation in the western press–directed
the Soviet side of the „LaRouche Killed Palm“ hoax, while Jorge E.
Arbitov <sp?>–the head of the Soviet Academy of Sciences‘ U.S.A/Canada
Institute–added his voice to those accused of LaRouche.  Ultimately the
Soviet government-owned TV network aired and hour-long docu-drama
elaborating this lie.

And it was a lie.

The role of Edgar Bronfman’s pals in the East German Stasse in the Palm
cover-up would not surface until three years later.

However, back in August of 1989, the Stockholm daily newspaper,
„Expression“, revealed that Swedish police had bugged the home of a
resident KGB agent, and had audio-tape evidence that the man knew at
least 24-hours before Palm’s murder that the Prime Minister would be

This alone absolved Lyndon LaRouche.

The pivotal role of the Stasse in the Palm murder cover-up was first
revealed in the August 20-26, 1992 edition of „Journalisten“ <sp?>, the
magazine of the Swedish Journalist Association, which published an
interview with a former top Stasse officer named Herbert Bremmer <sp?>.

In that interview, ladies and gentlemen, and in a series of subsequent
Swedish nation-wide radio broadcasts, Bremmer confessed that, as an
official of Department X (which is disinformation) of the Stasse, he
personally had engineered the disinformation campaign, blaming the
European Labor Party (ELP), the Scandinavian affiliations of Lyndon
LaRouche, for the Palm murder.

Bremmer told „Journalisten“, quote:

„At my desk I drew up the outlines of how the ELP theory would be
conduit into the Swedish police investigation.  The plan was to have a
national Swedish newspaper receive an anonymous telephone tip-off.  As
an alternative, the information would go directly to one of the special
tip-off phones made available by the police.  The content would be along
the lines that the caller ‚knew that the ELP had committed the crime‘.
In addition, he or she had ‚witnessed hectic activity in the ELP
headquarters in the night‘.  Nothing was really true, but it sounded
well-informed and credible.“

End quote.  Indeed, the 1986 Stasse-manufactured disinformation was
conduited into the United States media through the Anti-Defamation

NBC television ran the story as a leading news item on their evening
news broadcast, interviewing Anti-Defamation League official Sewell as
part of their coverage, just as they conducted
repeated–repeated–interviews with Anti-Defamation League officials and
officials of the Cult Awareness Network, another branch of the B’nai
B’rith, during the Waco Massacre.

Ultimately, the United States Justice Department would use the Palm
disinformation to justify a massive paramilitary police raid against
LaRouche’s home and offices of his associates in Leesburg, Virginia in
October 1986, resulting in a tremendous miscarriage of justice.

Am I a supporter of Lyndon LaRouche?  Not on your life, ladies and
gentlemen, for he himself is a closet socialist masquerading as a

The „LaRouche Killed Palm“ hoax was no isolated instance of Edgar
Bronfman and the ADL teaming up with a Communist–Communist!–secret
police agency to target a political enemy or ply a lucrative business
scam.  It is, and always has been, and will be unless you stop it,
standard operating procedure for the Anti-Defamation League.

According to syndicated columnist Rowland Evans <sp?> and Robert Novak,
on January 23rd, 1989, Bronfman hosted a secret meeting at his New York
City penthouse to forge what the columnists dubbed, quote:

„…a Jews for grain…“

End quote, deal between the Soviet Union and Israel.  Also present at
the gathering was Dewaynes Andreas <sp?>, the Chairman of the Arthur
Daniels Midland (ADM) Grain Cartel, and a long-standing ally and
financial backer of the Anti-Defamation League.

The „Wall Street Journal“ had dubbed Andreas:

„Gorbachev’s closest pal in the west.“

At Congressional hearings, Andreas identified former Anti-Defamation
League National Chairman Ben Epstein as the man who taught him all he
knew about politics.

The Bronfman/Andreas deal was straight forward.  In return for vast
quantities of dirt-cheap grain from ADM and other United States-based
grain cartels, the Soviet government would permit the mass exodus of
Soviet Jews to Israel.

It was an updated version of the Pollard espionage affair in which
United States military secrets were swapped for controlled Soviet-Jewish
migration to Israel.

The invariant in the two efforts was the central role of the ADL.

Now, I’d like to ask all of you out there who claim that the Soviet
Union is controlled by Jews:  why are so many Jews immigrating from the
Soviet Union?  I know the answer, but I bet you don’t.

As part of the Bronfman/Andreas deal, the Soviet KGB teamed up with the
ADL and Bronfman’s World Jewish Congress (the WJC) to foment a
diplomatic breach between the Reagan Administration and Austrian
President Kurt Waldheim <sp?>, the former Secretary General of the
United Nations.

The KGB manufactured, and the ADL-WJC conduited, phony evidence that the
Waldheim had been a top Nazi war criminal during World War II.

United States Attorney General Ed Meese, still employing the legal
services of Anti-Defamation League fellow-traveler–that’s right, folks,
fellow-traveler–Leonard Garment <sp?>, bit on the forged material and
declared Waldheim persona non grata in the United States.

The purpose of the smear job was to shut down Austria as a way-station
for Soviet Jews coming out into the west.  In the past, once Soviet Jews
landed on Austrian soil, they were granted political refugee status,
which then enabled them to settle in any country of their choosing.  The
majority either stayed in western Europe, or found their way to the
United States.  Very few went to Israel voluntarily.

With Austria shut down, Bronfman and Gorbachev worked out alternative
routes through Warsaw Pact states and eventually set up direct flights
from the Soviet Union to Israel to ensure that the Soviet refugees had
no choice as to where they would live.

By the time Bronfman and Andreas forged their Jews-for-grain deal with
Gorbachev in early 1989, the ADL had just about perfected their use of
forged KGB documents to smear the entire eastern European community in
the United States as closet war-time Nazis.

As early as 1979, the ADL had played a pivotal role in getting
legislation through the United States Congress establishing the Office
of Special Investigations (OSI), a special Nazi-hunting unit, inside the
Criminal Division of the Justice Department, against–directly against,
ladies and gentlemen–all of our laws, our ethics, and our morals.

This, in fact, was direct recognition of one specific religion, against
the Constitution of the United States of America, specifically to reap
revenge upon their imagined enemies.

ADL Asset Representative Elizabeth Holzman <sp?> had sponsored the bill,
which effectively stripped naturalized American citizens of central
European and Ukrainian descent of their Constitutional rights by
providing for automatic de-naturalization and deportation without any
due process whatsoever if the OSI could produce evidence that they had
been tied to the Nazis during World War II.

In fact, ladies and gentlemen, the Supreme Court has ruled that no one
can strip an American citizen of their citizenship–period–for any

Yet they do it.

And you sit out there and don’t say a word.

And where did the lion’s share of this evidence come from 40 years after
the end of World War II?  From the Soviet archives, ladies and

And how were they getting information from the Soviet archives–a
Communist nation behind an Iron Curtain, supposedly our bitter enemies?

The ADL sponsored OSI, provided Moscow with a foot in the door to the
American judicial system.  For the first time ever, Soviet documents and
witnesses were given full standing in United States court proceedings,
no questions asked.  The enemies of the United States of America, bound
by their vows and oaths of office to the Soviet Union, publicly declared
their goal is to destroy the United States of America.

While a handful of the people targeted by the ADL/OSI may have been
low-level Nazi sympathizers or assets during the war, many innocent
people fell victim to the KGB’s sophisticated forgers, courtesy of the
Anti-Defamation League and their friends at the Justice Department’s

And what was the purpose of this?

To keep the Jews in line by continually whipping them with the threat of
another Nazi holocaust.  That’s what.

To maintain their power.  That’s what.

Remember the man who was sent to Israel and tried and found guilty, and
then tried again and found innocent?  And all the time the Justice
Department, and the OSI, and the ADL, and everyone concerned with this
knew that he was innocent?  And then they wanted to hold him until they
could scrape up some other phony evidence and try him again on some
other charges not yet imagined?

And all of you sat and said nothing.

And why did you sit and say nothing?

Because you’re a bunch of whimpering, scared little sheep.  You were
afraid that someone would call you anti-semitic.

I would much rather be called anti-semitic than be called a coward–and
that’s what most of you are.

Karl Linus <sp?>, falsely accused of Nazi collaboration, was stripped of
his American citizenship and shipped off to the Soviet Union where he
died in a prison, reportedly from a heart attack.

Shirem Subzukoff <sp?>, accused of working with the Nazis in his native
Bellarussia, beat the OSI and even won a lucrative out-of-court libel
suit against the „New York Times“.  He was then murdered–then
murdered–by a Jewish Defense League bomb attack on his Patterson, New
Jersey home in 1985 because he had thwarted them and embarrassed them

Dr. Arthur Rudolf <sp?>, a celebrated German-American rocket scientist
who contributed greatly to America’s space program, was falsely accused
by the Anti-Defamation League and OSI of torturing Jews at the Penamunde
<sp?> research facility in war-time Germany.
Rather than lose his lifetime pension with the National Aeronautics and
Space Administration (NASA) and throw his family into poverty, he
renounced his United States citizenship and returned to West Germany.

After a three-year probe, based on the same evidence passed on by the
East German and Soviet authorities to the OSI, West German prosecutors
concluded that there was no evidence against Dr. Rudolf.  But by that
time, his life was in ruins.

John Demjanjia <sp?>, a Ukrainian-American retired auto worker, accused
of being the Treblinka concentration camp mass murderer Ivan the
Terrible, was stripped of his citizenship and hauled of to Israel to
stand trial.  It was the biggest show trial since the proceedings
against Adolf Eichmann <sp?>, broadcast in its entirety live on Israeli
national television.

Demjanjia was convicted and sentenced to death by hanging.

Through unflagging efforts by his family and friends, Demjanjia
eventually gathered evidence showing that the OSI had suppressed
evidence proving that another man had been identified as the real Ivan.

They knew all along that he was innocent, and were prepared to allow him
to go to his death rather than buck–rather than buck the ADL, B’nai
B’rith, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and the State of Israel.

They were afraid of being called anti-semitic.  They are cowards.

The case is now pending before both the Israeli Supreme Court and the
United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The ADL’s liaison to OSI, Elliot Wells <sp?>, in a signed letter to the
editors of the „Washington Post“, demanded that Demjanjia not be set

Using the kind of stilted, stupid logic that would make the KGB blush,
Wells argued that even if Demjanjia is innocent of the Treblinka
charges, he must be guilty of some other war crimes, and therefore
should be held in custody until new evidence can be manufactured.

And they’re so used to getting away with this kind of ploy, that it’s
actually a miracle that nobody listened.  And I mean, ladies and
gentlemen, a genuine miracle.

In 1974, Richard Nixon went down for the count as the result of the
botched Watergate break-in at the Democratic National Committee
Headquarters in Washington, D.C. during the 1972 Presidential campaign.

A prominent Central Intelligent Agency operative who was involved in the
Watergate break-in, G. Gordon Liddy, is now a prominent radio talk show

And all you stupid sheeple idolize his every word.

As reporters, Congressional committees, and special prosecutors poured
over the details of the Watergate Scandal, evidence of a pattern of
bribery and cover-ups emerged that ended up contributing to Nixon’s
resignation even more than the break-in itself.

You see, folks, they never had anything that could have impeached
Richard Nixon.

Since the fall of Nixon, the American political lexicon has been blessed
with such Watergate offspring as „Debate-gate“, „Carter-gate“,
„Iran-gate“, „Bush-gate“, „Iraq-gate“, and even „Space-gate“–and we’ll
talk about „Space-gate“ on another program to do with mind control.

Political corruption scandals have become as American as apple pie.
Despite the growing addiction to political sleaze, the vast majority of
Americans are totally oblivious to the fact that on any given day, the
Anti-Defamation League–and its fellow-hooligans in what is
euphemistically dubbed the Zionist lobby (the dope lobby is a far more
appropriate description), commit crimes against the American electorate
that make Watergate seem tame by comparison.

Blackmail, extortion, and bribery, ladies and gentlemen, are such
routine tactics of the Zionist lobby that its primary target victims,
the United States Senate and House of Representatives–filled with
cowards–have been turned into political mush, incapable of governing
under the best of circumstances, and completely paralyzed in the face of
the current political and economic crises.

How do you think we got to the point where we are at now?

While the media had led the charge against Congressional incumbents,
appealing to a justified „throw-the-bums-out“ sentiment building among
the majority of voters, the sad reality is that unless the power of the
Zionist lobby is cut down to size, any newly elected Congress will be
like a bunch of silly lambs walking to the slaughter, and
nothing–nothing, nothing–will ever, ever change.

You see, they hold this holocaust and anti-semitic bullshit over
everybody’s head.  And everybody, being the stupid sheeple that they
are, they cower in fear in the corner.

Officially, both the ADL and its leading collaborator in this corrupting
of the Congress, the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee, are
forbidden from engaging in political campaigning due to their tax-exempt

But both groups have managed to systematically break the electoral and
tax laws with impunity, largely due to the fact that they have place
fellow-travelers–that’s right, I said fellow-travelers–in key posts in
the Executive Branch regulatory agencies that are supposed to monitor
the activities of groups benefiting from the tax exemptions:  the
Federal Election Commission (FEC) and the Internal Revenue Service.

Just a glimpse at how the Zionist lobby has used the power of the
narco-dollar to corrupt and control the Congress is contained in a law
suit filed in federal court in Washington, D.C. on August 10th, 1992.
Get it.  Read it.

The suit, filed by a group of retired United States diplomats against
the FEC, charges that the agency failed to impose sanctions against the
AIPAC for functioning as an unregistered political action committee.

Even though the general counsel at the FEC agreed that AIPAC had
violated the law, the commissioners decided in July 1992 not to take any
action against the group.

According to the court papers, AIPAC secretly controls at least–at
least–27 different political action committees or PACs (other
investigators place the figure at 59) and uses them to funnel enormous
amounts of money to candidates for Congress who support AIPAC’s
political agenda.

Under the FEC statutes, strict limits are imposed on how much money can
be given to an individual candidate by a single PAC.  The purpose of the
regulation is to curb the power of special interest groups in the
financing of candidates.  But as you can see, it does not work.

By running dozens of PACs, AIPAC, according to the suit, illegally
circumvents the law.

And they are not the only ones.

The case of the Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs (or
JACPAC), one of the 27 PACs named in the suit, underscores the tight
relationship between AIPAC, the ADL, and the political committees.
JACPAC lists among its directors the wives of Thomas Dyne <sp?> and
Stewart Eisenstat <sp?>.

Since 1980, Dyne has been the Executive Director of AIPAC.  Eisenstat,
formerly Domestic Policy Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, is the head
of the National Jewish Democratic Council (or NJDC), an ADL-dominated
organization dedicated to winning control over the Democratic Party, and
placing as many of its members as possible on the staffs of Congressmen,
governors, and mayors.

Why does it want to put its members on the staffs of Congressmen,
governors, and mayors–instead of in the office of Congressman, governor
or mayor?

Simply because, folks, Congressmen, governors, and mayors don’t write
anything.  They very seldom even read what has been introduced.   So,
these people write the law, and the Congressmen–never reading any of
the law–just endorse it and go right on along with it.  That’s why,
many times when you call your Congressman and confront them with
something you found in a bill, they profess ignorance.

Do you know why?  Because it’s the truth.  They don’t know their ass
from a hole in the ground.

And where does all of the money come from to buy up the hundreds of
Congressional seats currently owned by ADL/AIPAC?  A brief look at the
Roundtable PAC, one of the 27 outfits cited in the law suit as
AIPAC-owned, answers that question.

Roundtable PAC was founded in 1981 by a group of leading ADL and AIPAC
officials and contributors, led by Malcolm Holein <sp?>, the head of the
Jewish Community Relations Council of New York.

>From day one, it was housed in the Manhattan offices of a tax shelter
firm called the Integrated Resources, and Integrated was a thinly-veiled
money conduit for Michael Milken and his crew of junk bond peddlers and
dope money washers at Drexel Burnham.  In fact, Drexel CEO, Steven
Weinroth <sp?>, the liaison between Milken and Ivan Boesky in their
insider-trading scams, was a director of Integrated.

All, ladies and gentlemen, all of Milken’s prime investors socked their
money into Integrated as a tax dodge.  All of them also poured
contributions into the Roundtable PAC.

Among the biggest donors to Roundtable:  Ivan Boesky, Robert Davido
<sp?>–Milken’s personal aide at the Beverly Hills office of Drexel–and
the sons and daughters of Meshulam Rickless <sp?>.  Remember him?
Lawrence Tish <sp?>, Sol Steinburg <sp?>, and Paul Millstein <sp?> of
Carl Lidner’s <sp?> United Brands.

When the Roundtable PAC holds its meetings, guests of honor include,
respectively, New York and Minnesota attorneys Gen. Robert Abrams and
Skip Humphrey, and New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who is one
of the biggest traitors on Capitol Hill.  All are regular recipients of
AIPAC PAC dollars.

In return for such generosity, Senator Moynihan, in 1986, shepherded a
tax code revision through the United States Congress that gave
Integrated Resources an added $43 million in tax breaks.

Don’t you wish you had friends like that?

With friends like Moynihan in key posts in the United States Senate,
Integrated could afford to be generous–at least for a while.

The relationship between Milken and Integrated was so tight that within
three months of Milken’s indictment in March 1989 for insider trading,
Integrated defaulted on $1 billion in short-term loans.

It seems that without the running pipeline of hot money from Milken’s
bottomless Caribbean cash pool, Integrated was lost–because the truth
is, it never did anything except wash money.

The AIPAC/ADL-run political action committees, in short, represent the
combined financial clout of the Lansky dope syndicate.  Any similarity
between Anti-Defamation League, AIPAC, and the genuine national
interests of the State of Israel, or the Jewish people, is purely crap.

Absolute horse manure.

All told, 211 candidates for the United States House and Senate from 48
states received money from the ADL/AIPAC PACs between January 1st, 1991
and March 31st, 1992.

Of the 211 recipients, 187 were incumbents.

The total amount given in that 15-month period was well over $2 million,
making ADL/AIPAC the second largest source of institutional money to
candidates for federal office, second only to the combined donations of
all of the labor union PACs.

And they’re all in bed together.

By October 1992, that figure had soared past the $3 million mark.

The ADL/AIPAC PACs don’t funnel the majority of their money into Jewish
candidates, or even into candidates running for office in states where
there are large Jewish populations.

Are you listening to me?

If you’re Jewish, you had better be learning from this program, from
this series of broadcasts.  Or will you continue along as you always
have been–afraid that your friends and neighbors will call you
anti-semitic?  And they will, you know.  It takes guts to be a real
people instead of a stupid sheeple, no matter who or what you are.

More typical of the kinds of office-holders and candidates who receive
AIPAC pay-offs is Richard C. Shelby, a first-term Democratic United
States Senator from Alabama, who has recently gained notoriety for
pushing a death penalty bill for the District of Columbia.  Shelby
received $67,800 from the AIPAC PACs in the 15 months beginning in
January 1991, with a career total of $133,825.

Another record-setting recipient of AIPAC largesse is Senator Tom Harkin
<sp?>, the Iowa Democrat, who ran an unsuccessful bid for the Democratic
Presidential nomination in 1992.  Harkin came into the Senate in 1984 by
defeating incumbent Roger Gepson <sp?>, who in 1981, had cast a decisive
vote against AIPAC in a fight over the sale of AWAC surveillance
aircraft to Saudi Arabia.

In his first Senate bid, Harkin received over $100,000 from the AIPAC
combine.  His career total in AIPAC money is a staggering $366,130.

And we are accurate to the penny.

A total of 29 current incumbent Senators and Congressmen have received
over $100,000 in illegal contributions from the ADL/AIPAC PACs.

A dozen have received $50,000 or more dollars just for their 1992
re-election campaigns.  That „dirty dozen“ are:  [NOTE:  <sp?> applies
to all names below]

Richard Shelby (D-Alabama)
Mel Levine (D-California)
Timothy Worth (D-Colorado)
Daniel Inowe (D-Hawaii)
Barbara McCulsky (D-Maryland)
Christopher Bond (R-Montana)
Kent Conrad (D-North Dakota)
Robert Packwood (R-Oregon)
Arlen Specter (R-Pennsylvania)
Harris Wofford (D-Pennsylvania)
Thomas Dashell (D-South Dakota) and
Robert Caston (R-Wisconsin)

Narco-dollars–narco-dollars–dope money.

Narco-dollars are the key to the ADL’s hold over the United States
Congress, but the League and its AIPAC associates have other trump cards
as well.  Both groups operate secret, highly illegal spy units that
gather blackmail material and carry out dirty tricks against political

When Richard Nixon got caught running such a plumbers unit at the
offices of the Committee to Re-elect the President (CREEP)–aptly
named–in 1972, the American people demanded his scalp.

It remains to be seen what the reaction will be now that AIPAC has had
its first damaging defection from its own plumbers unit.

You see, Gregory Slobodkin <sp?> worked for a number of years in AIPAC’s
Policy Analysis Unit.  Slobodkin eventually got turned off by some of
the dirty deeds he was ordered to carry out by the unit’s chief, Michael
Lewis <sp?>.  And he quit his job and went public with his story.

Not surprisingly, Michael Lewis is the son of Dr. Bernard Lewis <sp?>,
the Oxford-trained–always coming back to the same
places–Oxford-trained Arabist, who was the architect of the Carter
Administration’s Ark of Crisis Policy, which abetted Ayatollah Komeini’s
Islamic revolution in Iran, and the spread of fundamentalism throughout
the region.

Policy Analysis, the super-euphemistic name given to AIPAC’s plumbers,
maintains dossiers on thousands of American activists, many of them

Many of them Jewish.

University professors who criticize AIPAC or the Anti-Defamation
League’s activities are placed on a black list and labeled
anti-semitic.  Their lectures are monitored by spies who occasionally
stage noisy disruptions.  Their homes and cars are vandalized.
University alumni linked to ADL and AIPAC threaten to pull financial
backing from the schools unless the targeted faculty members are
immediately fired or blocked from tenure.

And every day, Americans turn their heads because they are afraid that
someone will call them anti-semitic.

The Anti-Defamation League has learned to use this label to get whatever
they want, from whomever they want, whenever they want.

Members of Congress are cast as either friends or targets of the
ADL/AIPAC.  There is no in-between.  If they are on the friendlies list,
they may be the recipients of weekly computerized blackmail dossiers on
some of their colleagues and other policy-shapers which are called

Remember lately, folks, in San Francisco when the ADL was caught
red-handed operating a spy ring from inside the police department,
gathering information on Americans?

When the investigation began, it was found that they were doing this
across the country, infiltrating supposedly secure records systems,
collecting information on American citizens to use against them.

How long are you going to put up with this bullshit from these creep,
lying scumbags?

The activities dossiers are sent out in plain white envelopes bearing no
organizational emblems.  Deniability is a priority, and the whole,
filthy blackmail and extortion program was 100% deniable until
Slobodkin’s defection–complete with reams of AIPAC documents–which
proved it.

AIPAC’s unit maintains a singularly close link to the ADL’s parallel
Fact-Finding Department which engages in the exact same kind of
activity.  In fact, shortly after Thomas Dyne took over as Executive
Director of AIPAC, he hired Amy Gutt <sp?> as the first full-time
staffer of the Policy Analysis Unit.

Gutt had worked for years at the ADL.  Her shift of address was
apparently blessed by her bosses at the League, and she continued for a
period of time to work for both agencies, thereby assuring near-total
integration in the covert operations level.

One feature, ladies and gentlemen, of the job that ultimately got under
Gregory Slobodkin’s skin was the fact that many of his targets were
themselves prominent Jewish activists, usually affiliated with left-wing
causes in both the United States and Israel.

You see, all you silly people out there who think it’s the Jews:  you’re
off your rocker, and the ADL does not work for Jews, or in the interests
of Jews, and never has.  Neither does B’nai B’rith.

I don’t know how many letters I’ve gotten from you stupid jerks out
there who think you’re going to solve all the world’s problems by
killing all the Jews.  How stupid!

Most Jews don’t know any more about what’s going on than you sheeple did
before I told you.  And then you’ll, most of you, will never know if
it’s true or not because you won’t get off your butt and go check it

You see what a state of affairs we’ve sunk to?–a nation out of control,
run by scumbags, with an agenda emanating from deep inside the secret
societies of the Mystery Schools, right under the noses of the sleeping
watchdog, the American people, who are so ignorant, stupid, and
apathetic that anybody that wants can get away with anything that they
want, at any time that they want, and they can tell any lie that they
want, because they know that you will believe whatever they tell you,
and you’ll never check anything out.

For all you know, I might be one of them.  I might be sitting here
telling you lie after lie after lie, and you won’t get off your ass and
go check it out.

„It’s too hard and I’m just one lonely, little person.  I don’t have the
capabilities to check anything out.“

Boy, I hear that all the time.  Hear it all the time.

God, I must be some super, super spirit from some foreign planet.  I
must have the biggest brain in the world.  I must have some secret
access to every source of information that there is, because I’m just
one lonely, little, ol‘ helpless individual, and I’m busy, too, and I’ve
got a family to run, and I don’t have any more time than anyone of you
out there has.

So, when you spout that bullshit at me, I just know that’s another
stupid sheeple standing in front of me that’s too damn lazy.  And that’s
the truth of the matter.

Many of these people that Slobodkin was supposed to target, many of them
were simply outspoken critics of the Israeli-Lecoud <sp?> government’s
brutality toward the Palestinians living in the occupied territories.
Many simply favored a peaceful and equitable solution to the
Arab-Israeli conflict.

Many of these Jewish activists were treated to the same violence and
vicious smearing by the ADL/AIPAC that was meted out to Palestine
Liberation Organization (or PLO) officials.

This McCarthy-ite targeting of prominent Jews who simply bucked the ADL,
the Anti-Defamation League, on some policy issue or financial deal,
underscores the fact that the League and AIPAC are anything but Jewish
defense organizations.  They are, in fact, liars, deceivers, and

And whether you believe it or not, most of their victims are innocent
Jews, many of them patriots who love this country and love the
Constitution and the Bill of Rights just as much as any of you listening
out there.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Maj. Klerken <sp?>.  Good night,
folks, and God bless you all.

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