Mystery Babylon II (Bill Cooper) – 09 – Esoteric Keys to the Bible

You’re listening to The Hour of the Time. I’m William Cooper.

Ladies and gentleman [laughs] we have so much information on the Oklahoma bombing and lot of it has not been confirmed yet but some of it is absolutely incredible. And I have to tell you, that I believe this is gonna pop wide open and somebody, somewhere is gonna eat it. I don’t know who exactly but I will tell you this: It ain’t gonna be no patriots and it ain’t gonna be no militias. That I can assure you, with 100 percent guarantee.

We knew that Governor Keating was ex-FBI. And we knew that he had been groomed from very early age for some political destiny. You see, he punched all the tickets. As soon as he graduated from law school he went into the Federal Bureau of Investigation for only 3 years. And then into another slot, just for a short period of time and then another one. Each increasingly more responsible, more respectable in the public eye and higher up on the ladder. So this man was chosen to fulfill some destiny. We know not exactly what but we know that this Oklahoma bombing has something to do with it. You see, it was Governor Keating who have claimed to have found the axle two blocks away from the explosion site. The axle of the truck which was instantaneously traced. Later he began to back away from that and they brought out a police officer who claimed that he was actually the one who found it. And now a book written seven years ago by Frank Keating brother Martin has surfaced and everybody is buying and bidding to publish it. This book, ladies and gentleman, tips the hand. They claim that it is coincidence, but it is no coincidence. You read the introduction to my book, you will know that I don’t believe in coincidences, especially coincidences of this nature. What is the nature? Oh, its about a band of terrors in Oklahoma. One of them named Tom McVeigh, who blow things up. And, this Tom McVeigh, in the act of getting away from one of his blowing-up-actions is stopped on a highway in a routine traffic check by a highway patrol. Now, Martin Keating and Frank Keating, Governor of Oklahoma, you can tell the world, that this is coincidence, but I’m gonna tell you right to your face, right this moment, that is the most incredible bullshit I’ve ever heard and you must think that we are so absolutely stupid that the entire world is gonna buy your fabrications. Go sit on it. Don’t go away, folks, I’ll be right back, with a little bit of illumination.

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[Reading from Theosophical Light on Biblical Texts by H.T. Edge]:

[William Cooper: According to Genesis Chapter 2 Verse 7, and I quote,]

„And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.“

[WC: And then again in Genesis Chapter 1 Verses 26 through 27, and I quote:]

„And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over cattle, and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.“

[Now,] these two passages, [ladies and gentleman,] are from the Creation account, which, as said, is the same in essentials as accounts given in other sacred scriptures; but there are differences in detail among [all of] these various accounts, because each one of these has diverged [somewhat] from its parent [or original] source. [And who knows, how many times it has been told and retold and a word dropped here and another one added there over the thousands of years since its first telling. There are those who claim that] — the universal Wisdom-Religion or Secret Doctrine [of the mystery schools, is the source of this information.]

[Now,] this Hebrew version, [I just read to you,] is seen, by affinity, to have been immediately derived from a more ancient Chaldean version, of which archaeologists have unearthed the records. [It is a matter of fact, it is not conjecture. So] there seem to be here two separate accounts of the creation of man, a fact which must have puzzled some Bible readers, but which is explained [by the mystery schools] that man is a threefold being, so that three, or at least two, distinct creations can be recorded. In the Bible the two accounts seem to have become transposed, and it is more logical to begin with that in chapter II.

[That god created the soul, the living soul, and then later created the flesh or the home for the soul on this earth. I don’t know why people don’t pick these things up and I don’t think that you can understand anything that there is by studying only the exoteric. Remember, religion is subjective and is based upon pure faith. It can neither be proven nor dis-proven but is absolutely necessary to the wellbeing of man and society for it is the source of morality. And I don’t care which religion you show me, I have yet to find one that does not teach man to do good things. And the matter is not, what my religion is, its probably not the same of yours. It may be, it may not be. Those of you who have been listening to this broadcast for a long time, you all know that I am a Christian.]

[Now,] it seems to be more logical, to begin with the creation in chapter two and it is most important to observe, that the Hebrew word translated God and Lord God is Elohim, which is a plural word and in Young’s Biblical Concordance is given as „God, gods [plural], objects of worship.“ In fact it means creative powers, [according to the mysteries,] and includes a large range of such beings [or gods or spiritual entities if you will.] In the religion of Theosophy [which I can guarantee you is the foundation of the religion of the New World Order,] the whole universe consists of living beings, endowed with intelligence in various degrees, and all of them, [ladies and gentleman,] creative each in its own sphere, [according to Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine. Now,] in the second of the accounts (which, as I said, is more logical to take first) the Elohim form man out of earth and breathe into him the breath of life, making him a living soul. [Now,] this represents two stages of creation, physical and spiritual, [or as they would say, in the religion of Theosophy, psychic.] The world translated ‚living soul‘ is nephesh, the correct meaning of which is given by Young as ‚animal soul‘. Next we may find Elohim endowing man with their own likeness (now observe the plural pronouns ‚us‘ and ‚our‘ and ‚their‘ and all of this other plural words) And when they endow man with their own likeness and thereby render him lord of the other animated creation.

A student of [Theosophy, or one who have read or studied] The Secret Doctrine will be aware of the great importance attached to this ancient teaching of the dual creation of man [in the eyes of those who are initiated, illumined, shall we say. *laughs* Or so they say. Its my estimation that anyone who lives their lives by telling lies and deceiving and manipulating others with the mental aloofness that they are the elite, and only truly mature minds are suffering a great delusion, which is a mental illness, a psychosis if you will. But, this is what they believe: They attach a great importance to this ancient dual creation of man.] It has been retouched out of the picture by theological dogmatism [according to them]; and yet we find it unmistakably, if in imperfect form, in our own Bible. [Now how can you explain this disparity? And I know, that many of you claim that you can and have tried over and over and over again, but I have yet to find one who can really do it.] The early races of mankind [according to any theory that you wanna look at, including Biblical, including the theory of evolution, whatever you wanna look at;] the early races of mankind were ’sinless‘, knowing not the contrast of good and evil any more than do the birds that hop and sing; [You see, they lived in a state of innocence as all animals, all life that cannot think, do. They are innocent, truly.] But like those birds, the early races of man were creatures of habit and they lacked in originality. This state is figured by the Garden of Eden. [Its all played out in the initial scenes of the movie 2001 which lays forth this whole new age religious philosophy for those who understand the symbols and can read them, when you watch 2001, its the same as listening to this broadcast, only you don’t need me to explain it to you.]

In the Garden of Eden God had forbidden Adam and Eve to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which was in the midst of the Garden; but to Eve comes the Serpent, and says: „Ye shall not surely die: for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.“ So, man eats of the fruit and becomes [guess what] enlightened; the result, [ladies and gentleman,] is that he loses his previous state of [precious] innocent but stagnant bliss and becomes a responsible being. [Now, check out that word ‚responsible‘. And you know me, when I say responsible I mean it.] His newly acquired free will leads him at first away from the spiritual toward matter; man becomes a pilgrim. [Now,] this story [from the mysteries] is an imperfect version of a cardinal teaching of the Wisdom-Religion, [or Gnosis] which is found in fuller form in others of the world’s scriptures. [Sometimes veiled, sometimes re-veiled, sometimes very clear. But] that teaching is that the earlier races of mankind were ‚mindless‘, being little more than perfected animals; but that, in the course of evolution, there came a time when this mindless man received a quickening [if you will, an] impulse from [what the Theosophists call] the Manasaputras or Sons of Mind. [Now, according to Helena Blavatsky] these were spiritual beings more highly evolved than man, but who had their duty to enlighten the nascent mankind of this present cycle [and by cycle I mean they believe that there are different stages and races of intelligence, which change with each changing age, and that is one of the keys here for we are leaving the age of the last 2000 years, or the age of Pisces or the two fish and moving into the age of Aquarius, or the man with the water pitcher. Now, it was the duty of this Sons of Mind, as they call them, or the Ascended Masters is another word for them,] to enlighten the nascent mankind of this present cycle, which [Theosophists claim] they did by lighting up or calling to light the latent spark of divinity within man; [You heard me discuss this before.] after which, man [all of a sudden] became an intelligent race endowed with self-conscious mind. The Serpent in the allegory stands for these Sons of Mind; for the Serpent, [ladies and gentleman, as I’ve revealed to you over and over and over again over the past 3 and somewhat months of, over 3 years and some-odd month of broadcasting] is a very well-known symbol of Wisdom. So, the so-called Fall of Man, though in one sense a fall [according to the Christian religion,] was really an inevitable and natural step forward in his evolution, [according to the Theosophists, and] all this leads on to the question of man’s redemption.

[I find this fascinating, whether you believe it or not, whether I believe it or not, very powerful people believe this. And if they believe it, whether we believe it or not is of no matter, it will affect us and we had better understand what it is that they believe that causes them to behave in the manner that they behave that affects us so drastically. Some of you don’t like to hear this kinds of broadcasts. Some of you close your ears and race out of the room screaming: „He is doing it again! *laughs* I know you do. And some of you sit and lap this up like a thirsty dog that has just crossed a desert. Some of you sit there stunned shaking your heads and wondering „What in the hell is he talking about?“ Whatever it is that I am talking about you had better get a grasp on it because it is extremely important to know your enemy. This is the basis of the religion of the New World Order which you will be required to adhere to. It is the Humanist religion, the religion that says there is no god but man. It is why Christianity and all other orthodox religions, the orthodox Jewish religion included for all of you wackos that claim the Jews are doing this to us, the fundamentalist Islamics, and anybody else, who will not bow down to mammon.]

[Now, I am not telling you what to believe or what not to believe, I am just merely telling you what the people who hold the power at this moment believe. The people are putting together a world government. In this world, when they have completed the formation and placed the last puzzle in its little hole there, they will have one totalitarian socialist government, one world humanist religion, and two classes of people, the rulers and the ruled. Stop hiding and don’t worry about getting your name on any list. There is only one list and you are already on it. As George Bush would say: „Read my lips: New WORLD Order“. Unless you are successful in building some kind of a space vehicle where you can become Adam and Eve on some other world, you are going to be stuck in this New World Order. Unless we are successful at stopping it.

[So we get to the point of redemption, salvation and atonement. And these are important things to everyone. Even atheists think about redemption, salvation and atonement. Isn’t that what a new years resolution is all about? Giving up the bad parts and beginning anew? A salvation if you will? The sacrifice of whatever you give up is the atonement, and for that you have a redemption? So you don’t have to be religious, you don’t even have to believe in any religion to understand what I am talking about here because everybody fits in to these things and I guarantee, even the most ardent, most devoted atheist, at moments in his life, says ‚Please God, help me!“ And that is a sort of a gamble, you see.]

[So,] we have seen how the gift of self-conscious mind to man changed him from a state of sinless but unprogressive bliss into the state of a pilgrim, journeying through the paths of experiences in the flesh, so that his communication with his divinity is for awhile shut off, so that he loses his paradisaical beatitude, [if you will, his attitude that he lives in the Garden of Eden and nothing can touch him in his state of bliss,] but gains in exchange the power of self-conscious evolution. It brings with it the promise of one day attaining to complete manhood, [translate that God, if you will.] This last is what is meant by the word Redemption: man, after his fall, rises again [like the phoenix]; but rises by his own aspiration and endeavor. [He doesn’t need the help of anyone else according to the mystery religion, according to Theosophy, according to the Humanist beliefs.] It could never, [ladies and gentleman, I believe this sentence myself. It] could never been the divine purpose to create a puppet; man was to be endowed with [free will and] responsibility.

[end of reading]

For without it the whole thing is a joke. And any god who create man preordained to function in a certain way and do certain things with no possibility of redemption, salvation or atonement, would not be any kind of god that I could deal with or even want to know. Because it means that you are what you are no matter what. You cannot change. Christ could not save you, if you are a Christian. And if you are not a Christian you couldn’t in no way atone for any bad that you had ever done and become a good person. For if it was written in the beginning, that all of this things are going to happen, no matter what, and there is no concept of free will, there is no concept of responsibility given to man, than its nothing than a cruel, vicious, joke. Now this is my believe, I believe that 100.000 percent. I believe everyone has a choice, and the choice determines the future and not only of the soul of the person making the choice, but the future of this world. You see, I mean everyday people who say it was preordained from the beginning, there is nothing you can do, its all in Gods hands … And I have to say, I just cannot go along with that and in the Bible itself, the Bible that these people use, to justify their position, has several, not one, not two, not three, not four, but SEVERAL, MANY instances, where God has said, „This will happen!“ And guess what? Because some man did something other, than what other man did, it didn’t happen. And what about Job? He stood toe to toe with God and argued him into submission *laughs* So, anyway, thats my argument, you don’t have to believe it, you don’t have to believe what I believe, all I want you to do is begin to think about everything. Don’t accept anything, or anybodies word, especially priests and preachers and ministers. Learn to think for yourself. Learn to find the truth for yourself, because THAT is the only salvation.

„Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.“

„My people perish from lack of knowledge.“

And i could go on and on and on and on and on … and all of this is caused by the inability of the common man to use his own brain. He must be told by someone else what to do, where to work, what time to get up, what to wear, what to cook for dinner, who to marry. And that is not the way that it is supposed to be, according to Bill Cooper. And according to many others.

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Boy, I just like every time I do something like this the phone is ringing off the hook so I just put em on hold and let their phone bill be eaten up because you all know that unless I’m saying I am taking calls I’m not. So you can dial your little fingers to a stub, to the bone — I’ll put you on hold and your phone bill can tick off the minutes and money, if thats what you want. Because you are showing a great deal of stupidity when you do this. I’m not attacking your religion nor am I telling you what I believe except when I specifically state that I’m telling you some point that I believe, nor am I telling you that what I’m reading to you is right. I am merely telling you that this is what it is and very powerful people believe it. If it insults your sensibilities and you are so religiously bigoted that you can not even listen to this broadcast instead of dialing your finger to the bone turn off your radio and go to bed. Thats the best advice that I can possibly give you. Now let me reiterate where we left off so that you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about.

[Reading from Theosophical Light on Biblical Texts, H.T. Edge]:

It could never have been the divine purpose to create a puppet; man was to be endowed with responsibility [and free will. This I firmly believe. Now the mysteries go a step further, I don’t go this far. They say,] to be made truly in the likeness of God; and it is only by exercising these prerogatives that he can fulfill his glorious destiny [and man himself will become God. I don’t go that far. I don’t believe that man is God or that man can ever be God. When I saw Shirley MacLaine spinning around upon the beach claiming to the heavens that she was God. „I am God“, she screamed. With that ecstatic look upon her face. I wonder how she truly feels when she wakes up each morning and looks in the mirror and sees new wrinkles and has to go and pay for another cosmetic surgery job. And when she gets her bills and still has to pay them and then all out of a sudden I know that some evening she will be sitting in a chair all by herself in the dim light of her favorite room probably. Maybe with a little touch of insomnia. And then all of a sudden she realizes that soon she is going to die. Now I’m not mocking on Shirley MacLaine, I’m trying to illustrate a point. For one who believes that he is God, or that she is God, what an impact it must be to confront mortality.]

[Now,] this doctrine [that I’m talking about] is one of those [in part … in part, now remember I said,] that is common to all religions; it is a tenet [a basic foundation] of the parent; [what they call the] parent Wisdom-Religion; and, like other such tenets, is found in the exoteric religions of today in various perverted and degenerated forms [according to the Theosophists.] In John, chapter 3, verse 16, [you can read this, look it up]:

„For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.“

[Now, folks,] this can be taken both ways, either referring to the special sacrifice of a particular man [known as] Jesus [God in the flesh, which Christians, me included, believe in, and] as many churches [believe or] teach, or to the sacrifice of the mystic Christ, the higher self in man, who, through his attachment to the flesh, loses for awhile his brightness and freedom, but by that sacrifice eventually achieves the salvation of the flesh, raising the self of earth up to the heaven in which the higher self dwells. This latter interpretation is favored by what precedes the above quotation [and of course by the mystery religion and the Theosophists and all of these Freemasons who claim that they are Christians and point to the open Bible upon the altar *laughs* and some of you believe them. And I’m not mocking it. What I mock, what I don’t like more than anything are the lies, the deception, the bullshit, the manipulation … of any people! … for any reason! And the concealing of knowledge for the purpose of this deception and manipulation. Now,] in John, chapter 3, verse 16 [which immediately precedes the one I just read, ‚For God so loved the world‘, this is what it says]:

„If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things? And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven. And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.“

[Now it would seem to me, folks,] that the writer of this gospel was trying to teach his hearers a truer understanding of the doctrine than the perverted one that was more or less prevalent. [Never mind, what you and I might believe, you have to understand that there is an exoteric meaning and an esoteric meaning. And the Bible is one of the most esoteric writings upon this earth. And I could point to many indications of this and even Christians will admit it when they say that Jesus was speaking in parables and they talk about not casting your pearls before the swine. Thats what its all about. They are saying that there is a hidden meaning in the Bible, yet they refuse to acknowledge it! But whenever they want to pervert something and have it mean what they say it means instead of what it says or what it may really mean, they point to ‚cast not your pearls before swine‘ and all of these other things that say ‚Oh, well, it doesn’t really mean what it says you have to interpret it.‘ Baloney! B-U-L-L-O-N-Y! *laughs* And don’t write me a letter and say I misspelled it, I did it on purpose. It fits right in with what I’m talking about, there is an exoteric and an esoteric. B-U-L-L-O-N-Y! *giggles* Sometimes I love to do this, other times, I don’t.] Turning to Paul [you all know Paul. Everybody has one time at least read portions of the Bible and you cant study the Christian religion, or even the Jewish religion, unless you know who Paul was.] He was a mystic, and undoubtedly an initiate in some degree of the Pagan Mysteries, [there is no doubt of that, as was John,] we find the real teaching even more evident [according to the Theosophists and the mysteries. You see, it] has been remarked, Paul shows no sign [Listen to me carefully, this is absolutely the truth.] Paul shows no sign of ever having heard of the gospel story of the life of Jesus and his crucifixion. [Don’t believe it? Get out your Bible and read every single thing that Paul ever wrote. All of it. Now this is incredible! But its true! Paul shows no sign whatsoever of ever having heard of the gospel story of the life of Jesus and his crucifixion.] It is of the mystic Christ, incarnate in all men, that he speaks. [And thats what he is talking about.]

[And it only becomes evident, when you have studied the mysteries and realized that Paul himself had to have been an initiate. In Romans, chapter 6, verse 6, he said:]

„Our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed.“

[In Hebrews, chapter 6, verse 6, he says:]

„Seeing that they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, …“

[And in Galatians, chapter 5, verse 24, I quote:]

„They that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.“

[And in Galatians, chapter 3, verse 27, quote:]

„As many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.“

[Christians not having studied the mystery religion of Babylon in ancient Egypt would not understand that he is talking as an initiate. And this is very telling: „They that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.“ And if you heard my series on Mystery Babylon you know that he is talking about eliminating the animal in man. *laughs*]

[And] these are a very few of the numerous passages in which Paul expounds the subject. It is not easy to define exactly what his doctrine was, or that of the writer of The Gospel according to St. John: [You see,] the original pure teaching must have gone through stages of gradual transformation and adaptation to particular times and circumstances [as all teachings do. I don’t care what it is. Go back and listen to baptist preachers 20 years ago and listen to baptist preachers today and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Go back 20 years ago and listen to a Roman Catholic Mess and listen to a Roman Catholic Mess today and you will see exactly what I mean. Religion may have been handed down by God or it may have been made up by man. Religion may have been explained to us and our salvation may have been guaranteed by Christ or this maybe an invention of man. You see, religion is based upon pure faith. That’s why it is called religion. If it were not, if you could prove it, it would be called Science, for those of you who don’t understand that. Isn’t it incredible? So it stands to reason, since religion may have been handed down by God, and salvation given to us by Christ. Or if you believe in Buddha, he may have taught you the perfect way of living your life. And many many others. The prophet Mohammed who wrote the Koran. But it is man who takes what they have given and pass it on through the ages. And that is where things get all screwed up. Especially in translations from one language to another and I can prove all throughout the Bible that there have been mistranslations in every English version that I have ever laid my hands upon. So if you believe that your specific version of the Bible is the perfect inspired word of God, that is your right to believe that. And you maybe right but you cant prove it and neither can I and nobody else can either. But I can prove that in that Bible that you claim is the perfect inspiration of God are mistranslations from the original version in another language. And you had been better careful about that. Or, since religion is based upon belief you can believe that those translations that were mistranslated were the inspiration that made your Bible perfect. Its OK with me. *laughs* I’ll fight for your right to do it, believe me, I’m on your side.]

The Gospel according to St. John: the original pure teaching must, [ladies and gentleman,] have gone through stages of transformation, adaptation, [mistranslation, political manipulation, according] to particular times and circumstances. But if we study religions comparatively, checking what we find in one scripture by what we find in others, we shall [sometimes, oh sometimes I’m chickening out there … we WILL] be able to sift out the accidental circumstances and [hopefully] arrive at the common kernel of truth. [You see,] the idea of ’sacrifice‘ is ancient and [its] universal, meaning both the sacrifice undertaken out of love, by the higher in order to redeem the lower; and [ladies and gentleman, dear listeners] the sacrifice which the personal man makes of his earthly desires when he aspires to achieve union with [his soul. The Theosophists or the mystery religions, the Freemasons in their higher degrees would say that he is achieving union with] the God within. Christ is crucified for us, and we crucify our flesh with its affections and lust. Atonement, [ladies and gentleman,] means making at one [A-T-O-N-E; at-one-ment; its a] reconciliation, between the human and the divine. [The New World Order is attempting to make a reconciliation between God and Lucifer, the rebellious angel of light that was thrown out of heaven as a lightning bolt to the earth. There is an] important point to bear in mind in all this is that we should abandon the weak and foolish hope that we can abrogate our own manly responsibility and secure a vicarious justification for our faults, instead of reaping what we have sown and making straight what we have wrought awry.

[I have never seen evil in this world except in the presence of man. Take man out of the picture — evil does not exist. Period. We do wrong things that we know are wrong and then we get down on our knees at night and say a prayer and the next morning we get up and do something wrong again because in our minds we are starting over again, we have been forgiven, for we have confessed our sins in request for forgiveness and we were saved in the crucification of Christ. And so we perpetuate the wrongs that we have always done. And of course, what I gave you is a Christian viewpoint. Its not the only viewpoint. Atheists don’t believe there is a God, so they don’t have to be responsible to anything except what can hurt them. [some seconds cut out] … which are all on the left. Control is never ever on the right. The right is increasing absence of control, far right is anarchy which is just as bad as far left which is total control or communism. People on the left, socialists and communists, try to fool everyone! And they say that people who want to control are Nazis and they are right wing. Nothing could be further from the truth. The further right you go, the less control people want. Until you get to a point where they want any control and that in itself is bad. So don’t be fooled! Hitler was a Socialist! ‚Nazi‘ means National Socialism! You don’t believe it? Look it up! Hitler was on the left! He was a Socialist! *laughs* The only difference between Hitler and Communists was the degree of control which they wished to exercise. You understand? I hope you do. Its absolutely important for your survival in this world that you do. We must be responsible!] We must abandon the weak and foolish hope that we can abrogate our own responsibility and secure a vicarious justification for our faults, instead of reaping what we have sown and making straight what we have wrought awry. Again, it is the wrongs we have done to others which should cause us chief concern and rouse a healthy repugnance against the idea of evading the debt by a personal pardon. [According to the mysteries,] the Christ, [or] the Redeemer, is in all men, though he may be specially manifested in the great Teachers who come to humanity in all ages, and whose fate it is to have their persons rather than their teachings venerated.

http://cuts%20out … don’t have to worry about this. The Buddhist follows the way that Buddha taught is the perfect way to life his life. The Taoist, something all together different. The Christians believe that Christ died for the sins of all men but it does not excuse your actions and irresponsibilities today, knowing, that you have been saved in Christ.

I love you all. Good night, and God bless you.

[Outro Music: Synth Piece with Bill Cooper talking about Mind Control over it]

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