Mystery Babylon III (Bill Cooper) – 18 – Luciferian Philosophy

You are listening to The Hour of the Time. I am William Cooper. Well, everybody here is running around like a chicken with the head cut off you would think we have never done this before, folks. *laughs* The girls are not here to do the pledge and Doyle is looking for a key piece of equipment that we need to take calls later. Isn’t it incredible? And, here it is, okay. Thank you, Doyle.

Doyle: Alright.

WC: Okay. So, just to give you a little lowdown on whats going on, folks, and let you know how bad this economic crisis really is, I will give you the statistics. Hot off the presses, so to speak. Now, I took these off the stock exchange before it closed, so they could be up or down a little bit, but, believe me folks, this is right on the money, even if they close a little higher or lower than what we have here today, the percentages are still going to work out right on the money.

All around the world the economy of all the different countries, I don’t care which countries they are, are in deep trouble. Many exchanges has crashed. Many economies are no longer existent, like in Russia, in Japan, the banks are no longer solvent, the government is trying to bail them out. And in this country a huge, tremendous, many many billions of Dollar mutual fund went down the tubes and was bailed out with a huge several billion dollar loan. But here is the figures, so, when you here these figures, you go figure. *laughs* And if you can not figure enough to get ready, then heaven help you, because I don’t know how to do it if you don’t see the need for it. And I think you had better really reassess your position and your thoughts and where you stand on all of this if you have not prepared for a tremendous hard few years ahead.

The American Exchange, that’s The American Exchange, in July was 755. Today was 560, when I took it off the Exchange. It lost a 195 points which represents 26% of its entire value, just since July, a little over two months, have gone up in smoke. The NASDAQ, over the counter, the NASDAQ over the counter exchange in July was 2.030 points. Today it was 1.343 points, lost 687 points, representing 34% of its value, disappeared in just a little over two month. The Standard & Poor’s 100 in July was 585, today its 460, lost a 125 points, representing 22% of its total value. The Standard & Poor’s 500 in July was 1.195 points, today was 926, lost 269 points, representing 23% of its total value. The New York Stock Exchange, this is the New York Stock Exchange, in July was 602 points, today was 464 points, lost a 138 points, representing a loss of 23% of its total value. The Dow Jones Industrial Average in July was 9.377, today was 7.491 when I pulled these figures off the exchange, lost a total of 1.886 points, representing 21% of its total value. That’s a lot of money, ladies and gentlemen, that has disappeared from the economy. Gone up in smoke. And you wonder why I am telling you what I am telling you? Its going to get worse. Its going to get a lot worse, folks, so you had better hunker down. You had better prepare for some hard, and I do mean, some hard times. In the meantime I will attempt to open your minds and reveal to you some of the esoteric meaning behind what you read as literal meaning in the Mysteries. And you will be amazed, if you listen very carefully, you might learn something. I hope that you do.

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Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we’re going to do one of the things I love to do most, that’s to part the veil and peak behind the shroud of mystery that hides the secret religion of the ancient brotherhood. That which people like Malias Malivacherum [sp?] believe in, Albert Pike, Alfred Boyd Kuhn, Manly P. Hall, George Bush, William Jefferson Clinton. And you will begin, I guarantee you, if you listen carefully, and if you can think, you will begin to see the light.

[Starts from reading The Lost Light by Kuhn]

[You see, they believe] that the Western world has too long and fatuously labored under the delusion that a pious and devout disposition fulfills the whole requirement of true religion. [Not so, they say.] Ancient sagacity knew that piety without intelligence, or religion without philosophy, was insufficient and dangerous. It knew that general good intent was not safe from aberrancy, folly and fanaticism unless it was directed by the highest powers and resources of the mind. [And remember always that this is what they believe, does not make it true.] And the mind itself, [they say,] had to be fortified with specific knowledge of the nature of the cosmos and of man and the relation between the two. Following the dictum of the sage, Hermes Trismegistus, that „the vice of a soul is ignorance, the virtue of a soul is knowledge,“ the scriptures of old inculcated the precept that with all man’s getting he must first get wisdom and understanding. These were related to his well-being as health to his navel and marrow to his bones, and would alone give him a crown of eternal life. They were pronounced more precious than all the things that he could desire. The council of Illuminati therefore laid down their systems of cosmology and anthropology, which have become by immemorial tradition the Bibles of humanity, universally reverenced. In them were given the ordinances of life, the constitution of the cosmos, the laws governing both nature and mind. They still constitute the Magna Carta of all human action guided by intelligence. For they were the first Institutes embodying the Principia and Fundamenta of all moral behavior, the only true chart and compass to guide human effort in a line of harmony with an overshadowing divine plan of evolution for the Cosmos.

The corruption and final loss of the basic meaning of these scriptures has been, in the whole of time, [they believe,] the greatest tragedy in human history. Like Shakespeare’s tide, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune, but, omitted, casts all the rest of life in shoals and quicksands, the wreckage of the Esoteric Gnosis in the centuries following Plato’s day, culminating in the debacle of all philosophical religion about the third century of Christianity’s development and ushering in sixteen centuries of the Dark Ages, has thrown all religion out of basic relation to true understanding and caused it to breed an endless train of evils, fanaticisms, bigotries, idiosyncrasies, superstitions, wars and persecutions that more than anything else blacken the record of man’s historic struggle toward the light. [And if you understand that portion of their philosophy then you know why they hate orthodox Jews, fundamentalist Christians and members of the Nation of Islam. The believe, that] the most frightful of all historical barbarities owes its incidence directly to the decay of ancient philosophical knowledge and the loss of vision and virtue that would have attended its perpetuation.

What, then, must be the importance of all of this information that [they say] restores to the scriptures of ancient wisdom the lost light of their true original meaning?

In a very real, [real to them,] and direct way the salvation of culture and a free spirit in the world is contingent upon this restoration of the ancient intelligence to modernity. [And thus you see the springing up of the old pagan religions and the New Age Movement and in other organizations and movements throughout the world. You see, they believe that] for man at this age has had new and mighty powers of nature suddenly placed in his hands, and yet lacks the spiritual poise and sagacity to use them without calamity. [The message in the movie 2001.] Most strangely, the control of the lower physical, natural or brute forces by the mind or reason was the one central situation primarily and fundamentally dealt with in the sage tomes of antiquity. To effect that control in a perfect balance and harmony, and to train the reasoning intellect in the divine art of it, was the aim and end of the Arcane Philosophy, [which I had revealed to you as the Mysteries.] Ideology in the Western world has endlessly vacillated back and forth between the cult of the inner spirit and engrossment in objective materialism. Ancient philosophy taught that the true path of evolutionary growth, [if you believe in such a thing,] was to be trodden by an effort that united the forces of the spirit with those of the world, the lower disciplined by the higher. The whole gist of the Esoteric [or Hidden, or Secret] Doctrine was the study and mastery of the powers engaged in working out the evolutionary advance, so that the aspirant [or initiate] might be able to align his cultural effort in consonance with the requirements of the problem and the end to be achieved.

Without this guiding data and this evolutionary perspective modern man, [they believe,] is totally at a loss how to focus his endeavor and is unable to point his direction in line with anything more fixed and basic than his next immediate objective of apparent desirability. [In other words they aspire to Social Engineering.] He has neither a knowledge of his origin, a chart of his path, an inventory of his capacities or a vision of his goal. Hence he travels the long road still a benighted wanderer without compass. He can but recoil from one mistaken plunge after another, learning sporadic lessons from pain and misfortune. [The way that most people learn. They way of the sheeple.] The ancient torch that was lighted for his guidance he has let burn out. This lamp was the body of Ancient Philosophy. In this critical epoch in the life of the world this philosophy proclaims afresh the message of [what they believe] to be the lost truth. [The lost word, the lost phallus of Osiris. The Lost Light, if you will.]

[They believe, that there were] three ancient and long-discredited sciences that have had a surprising renaissance in popular fancy and scientific interest: 1) [That I have struggled to teach you for many years, is] symbolism. The other two are alchemy and astrology. [Which are absolutely worthless and useless to any and all of you without a knowledge and a deep abiding knowledge of the first, symbolism. You see and read the alchemical works as if they were literal truth, but they are esoteric tomes bearing a hidden message. And astrology is the great metaphor of the hidden religion of the Mysteries. And they never used it to foretell the future. That was for the profane, the uninitiated, the ignorant. Who believed that a great happening in the sky would foretell some great happening on earth.] Astrology has particularly come into a general vogue, but [ladies and gentlemen] on a basis which still inclines conservative positivism in science and scholarship to regard it as allied closely with „popular superstition.“ In its predictive or „fortune-telling“ aspect it is generally looked at askance. [Because it has absolutely nothing to do with it. It is in fact a hoax, a con job, the ages old machinations of what we used to call mediums, today are more likely called psychics or channelers, but nevertheless, hoaxers they are and con-men and con-women who happily take your money, listen to you, talk a little bit, and then from that read your present and your future. *laughs* Anyone who understands human nature can do those things.] But there is another side on which it has pertinence and value that has not been recognized in the modern revival and on which perhaps, [the Mysteries believe,] its most legitimate claim to consideration. And this is its function as symbolic theology, [as I’ve been telling you for years.] Unquestionably cosmic operation, cosmic significance, lie behind the twelve constellations of the zodiac and the thirty-six or more other stellar configurations. The planisphere or chart of the heavens was doubtless the first of all Bibles, pictorially edited. [Since men could not write and had no printing presses and since over a period of time oral history tended to be changed or forgotten, they planted their believes in the great constellations of the heavens, to be passed on forever and ever and ever.] Not quite simply and directly but intrinsically, all Bibles are amplifications and elaborations of the original volume of ideography first written on the open face of the sky, charted in the zodiac and heavenly maps, and later transferred to earth and written in scrolls and parchments. Man was instructed to fashion his new body of spiritual glory „after the pattern of things in the heavens,“ the heavenly or zodiacal man. And a graph of the structure and history of this celestial Personage was sketched by the enlightened sages in the configurated star clusters. Zodiac comes from the Greek word zodion, a small living image, signifying that it is a graph of the microcosmic life of man, which is cast in the form of the macrocosmic life of the universe, or of God. [In the New Age Movement it is known as ‚As above so below‘. You have all heard it.] Man’s own small body is a replica of this body of God, made in its image and likeness. [According to the beliefs of the esotericism of the secret religion.] The vast frame of Cosmic Man was outlined in the scroll of the heavens, the solar systems and galaxies being living cell clusters in his immense organism, [and thus pantheism was born as they believe that everything was linked and had an effect upon everything else. Thus, squishing an ant as one walked down the road could, they believe, have some effect upon some far distant future.]

A deal of this adumbrative symbology elucidating theological doctrinism is set forth in the body of the works [of people like Manly P. Hall, Alfred Boyd Kuhn, Albert Pike and many others.] But there is a group of its data that strikes so deeply into the heart of general theology that it is given here at the outset for the sake of its overwhelming impressiveness [to most, if not all, initiates of the brotherhood. You see, they believe that] It must prove to be so conclusive an evidence that Biblical theology rests more solidly than has ever been believed on zodiacal backgrounds that its presentation will be admittedly a matter of great moment. It traces the unsuspected significance of two of the twelve signs, Virgo and Pisces, in the very heart of New Testament narrative. So let the listener picture before him the ordinary zodiac, with the house of Virgo at the western equinox point and that of Pisces directly opposite on the eastern side. The simple fact that they stand six months apart will presently be seen to assume great importance in Gospel determination. [If you understand and believe the esoteric message that those of the brotherhood believe is encoded and written below the literal interpretation of the Bible.]

The exposition must begin with the puzzling and hitherto unexplained item of ancient religious myth, that the Christs, [that’s plural, Christs,] the Sun-Gods, the Messiahs, all were depicted as having two mothers. How, one asks, could there possibly be rational significance in this? It has been put aside as just some more of the mythical rubbish and nonsense of early Paganism. The profundity of pagan intelligence, hiding sublime cosmic truth, [or a hidden story,] under glyph and symbol, has not been dreamed of [by most of you. And I am telling you you had better not only dream of it, but seek it out and study it.]

The depiction should not have created incredulity, seeing that the Gospel Jesus himself, dramatic figure of the divine principle in man, announced it categorically in declaring to Nicodemus that „ye must be born again.“ Nicodemus asks if this means that we must enter a second time into our mother’s body and experience a second birth in the natural manner. Jesus replies that we „must be born of water and the spirit.“ Attention must be directed a moment to the fact that the Latin word spiritus, translated „spirit“ in many passages, means as well „air“ or „breath.“ One of the great keys to Bible meaning is the series of the four „elements“ of ancient mysticism: earth, water, air and fire. [And if you have read anything, ever, of the alchemists you are acquainted with those four elements.] The body of the physical or natural man was conceived as being composed of the two lower, earth and water, while air and fire, representing mind and spirit, commingled to make the higher or spiritual man. [It was never meant to be taken literally.] Jesus’ statement to Nicodemus, then, could have been rendered, „born of water and air.“ And John the Baptist uses three of the four elements when he states that he, the forerunner of the Christos, and therefore a type of the lower natural man, indeed baptizes us with water (omitting earth), but that there cometh after him one higher than himself who shall baptize us with the holy spiritus (air) and with fire. Jesus thus affirms that we have two births, necessitating two mothers, and John the Baptist adds that we must have two baptisms.

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Ladies and gentlemen, as you listen to tonight’s lesson in your *laughs*, in your education of what lies behind the veil of the mysteries, Freemasonry, the Ancient Order of the Rosea Crucea, the lodges of the Knights Templar, the Knights of Malta, etc. Don’t get what I am giving you as something that you must believe or that I believe, for that is not the case. And whether it is or is not is of no matter whatsoever. You cannot fight a battle unless you know your enemy. And you cannot know your enemy unless you understand your enemy, his life, his morals or lack of morals, his religion or lack of religion, his philosophy, his tactics, what he reads, where he obtains his spiritual sustenance, if he has such a thing. And when these people are in power, ladies and gentlemen, it makes absolutely no difference what you believe in the great scheme of things. When you are dealing with these people you must understand what they believe for if they have the power, what they believe is what will affect you. It is what they believe that they will bring into law. It is what they believe that they will use to enslave you, or, to set you free. It depends upon who it is and what they believe. And I can guarantee you, while this nation may have begun with a majority of its adherence and citizens worshiping the God of the Christian Bible, it is not that way today. The men who hold the power in the halls of government at all levels, city, county, state and federal, believe in the philosophy that I am giving you now. And so you had better take heed and pay attention. And at this point we have to go in a discussion of God and before I can do that, lest you misunderstand and take literally what Mali Malicaverum [sp?] was telling you the other night on this broadcast that he was Christian and that he believes in God, making or trying to make you believe that it is the God of the Christian Bible, he is a liar. He lies by omission and by twisting. And he lies by mingling or co-mingling terms which you, the sheeple, take to mean that he believes what you believe, and that is not true. So I will attempt now to acquaint you with the heart and soul of one of the core beliefs. One of the root beliefs of the mysteries.

[Continues reading from The Lost Light by Kuhn]

[They believe in] two fires, The supernal and the infernal. [They believe that] it is impossible, absolutely impossible to present the one in entire disseverance from the other. The background for the clarification of this aspect of the interpretation be readily set up [and I will cover all of that information in subsequent broadcasts. But] the whole doctrine of „hell-fire“ has fallen so infinitely remote from even the outskirts of true understanding [of what they believe, that I got to set it before you, so that you can grapple with it in good earnest now. They believe that] the deplorable state of modern exegesis in this segment of theology impels one to a vehement expression of that disgust at the harrowing grotesquerie of rendering which a comparison of ancient esoteric meaning with current superstition so readily excites. But this situation must be evident by now as a general matter, and should need but little reinforcement beyond the continued revelation of gaping chasms of difference between the old and the present readings. [When you read these things you read them literally,] yet this theology of a hell of fiery torment has suffered such an unconscionable distortion from its primary bearing, and has afflicted the mind of mankind with so outrageous a delusion, that every consideration points to the necessity of a vigorous handling in the interests of sanity and social benefit. [You see, before Dante wrote his Inferno nobody ever heard of a Devil with a pointed tail and horns and withering souls burning forever in the fires of hell being poked by pitchforks, and in various manners and ways caused to suffer for all eternity.] The perversion of original teaching regarding the lower fire has cast over the collective mind of the Western world the foulest hypnotic obsession which it has ever suffered. The strangling tentacles of this theological devil-fish have spread over the whole of Christendom and have compressed the spiritual genius of that segment of mankind into the coldest and most inhuman bigotry known to history. [These are their own words, ladies and gentlemen, and I will tell you where some of it comes from later. You see, they hate you if you are a Christian, if you are an orthodox Jew, if you belong to the Nation of Islam, if you are a Muslim, they hate you, especially if you are a Catholic, they hate you. They believe that] for ages the doctrine in its misconceived form has deprived the Christianized world of its reason, and opened doors to the entry of every superstition. [The believe that] it has snuffed out the native spark of human brotherhood and brought between man and man the lurid glare of its own devilish mischief.

For the fiercest fires of persecution and fiendish cruelty ever lighted upon earth flared out under the impulsion of the fantastic theological teaching that the acts of one’s brother may be the impious machination of „the devil.“ [They look at it as] it is too gruesome and ghoulish a chapter of horrors to linger upon; yet the same philosophical benightedness out of which this atrocious monster of diabolism and demonism has emerged has never to this day been dispelled by the light of wisdom. A more sensitive humanity of the present, sickened by the ghastly spectacle of past tortures and holocausts inspired by fiendish zeal, has tried to drop the subject as far as possible out of sight, and has imposed a taboo upon its exploitation in religious quarters. [This refers directly to the Inquisition of the Catholic Church during what is known as the Dark Ages. And they believe that] the darkness has not been dissipated, and the monster is still capable, on provocation, of glaring fiercely out of the murks. [And ladies and gentlemen, I must tell you that that monster is real. It is there, I have seen it and some of you have heard it in the calls made to this broadcast and others. Those who are so religiously zealot that they would burn at the stake again anyone who dared to disagree with their own personal bigotry, their dogma, their religion, their race even. So there are some things about the mysteries that I do agree with. And that is one. Further they believe] the light that would have enabled the Christian world to descry the Beast in his true outlines and character has never been rekindled since it was extinguished about the third century. [And those of you who have studied religion know what happened in the third century. That’s when they met at the Council of Nicea, condemned all the books that disagreed with the dogma of the emperor, or pope, and chose the books that would make up what is now known as the Christian Bible in the Catholic Church. So they believe that] had that light been available it would have revealed that the fiery dragon of the pit [and listen to this carefully, folks, because this is one of the key elements of the beliefs hidden behind the veil of the mysteries. It is what Mali Malimacherum [sp?] alluded to when he called in on this broadcast, that Monday night, when he said that he believed in God and that he was a Christian, this is what he believes, this is the truth of it. You see, that he was speaking in a metaphor even then. He believes that] had that light been available it would have revealed that the fiery dragon of the pit was none other than the god himself, his face begrimed with smoke, his features distorted by the grimaces of the Beast through whose eyes he looked out upon this strange world, and his countenance luridly alight with the smudgy flare of the earthly furnace. [Many of you have read Paradise Lost, where] Milton’s lakes of seething fire in Paradise Lost are a travesty of truth, unless, [as the Mysteries believe, it is] taken purely as the symbology they are. [You see, they believe, Mali Malichaverum [sp?] believes, Albert Pike believes, Manly P. Hall believes, Alfred Boyd Kuhn believes, George Bush believes, all of these people believe, William Jefferson Clinton believes, Newt Gingrich believes, Bob Dole believes, they believe] Satan is the god himself–on earth! [They believe Satan is God on earth. They believe that] its incontestable. [They believe that] it is proven by the very name. The descending god was the Light-bringer, Lucifer, the bright and morning star, which is precisely the character assumed by the Jesus of the Biblical Revelation! [Therefore they believe Jesus was Satan himself, God on earth. They believe] the Christian devil, the hated serpent of evil, Satan, is Lucifer, the god of light on earth, [the bright and morning star, Jesus,] Prometheus, the „benefactor of mankind,“–„the god“ himself. [That’s what they believe. *laughs* That’s what they believe, ladies and gentlemen, and I could not go on where they speak of God without revealing to you exactly what it is that these people mean when they say God.]

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The information, ladies and gentlemen, which I have just departed to you, was written by Alvin Boyd Kuhn, PhD, in his book entitled The Lost Light, An Interpretation of Ancient Scriptures. He was a Theosophist. He was one of the prolific writers and revealers of the esoteric religion. He was a 33rd degree Freemason. He was a member of the Order of Rosea Crucea, and many others. He was a member of the Illuminati. He says it in his writings. All other Freemasons and members of the Brotherhood of Man, who worship behind the veil in the lodges with no windows, have all referenced Alvin Boyd Kuhn. They have written that he is one of the greatest of the thousand points of light. And indeed, he does not only speak for them, but he is the source of much of the knowledge that most of them possess. And so, when Mali Malichaverum [sp?] said that he believed in God and he was a Christian, if you understand the definition of his terms and you agree with those terms, then yes, he does believe in God and he is a Christian. But make no mistake about it, ladies and gentlemen, he does not believe in your God, nor does he believe in your Christ or your Christianity.

Behind the veil, the thousand points of light, do you really believe, ladies and gentlemen, that great men get up on platforms and make speeches and throw these terms and these words around, and when you question them they say, „Oh, its just, you know, we just threw it in there. It doesn’t mean anything.“ Baloney. Every word that they use, every word inserted in every speech has a great deal of meaning to someone and is placed there specifically to convey a message. When George Bush spoke of the New World Order and the Thousand points of light, he was talking to his brothers, heralding the dawn of a New Age. The New Dawn, the age of Horus Risen in a New World Order. A world where the old religion is to be cast out. Where everything is to be cleansed and made anew in the image of the socialist Utopian plan for the world.

You see, if you would just go to your Bible and forget everything else that anyone ever wrote in that book and just read the words in red you’ll see that Jesus tried to tell you everything that I am telling you tonight. My people perish for lack of knowledge. Seek ye the truth and the truth will make you free. What is the New Age? Its the age of Aquarius. *laughs* What is the age of Aquarius? It is symbolized by the water bearer. And that has tremendous significance.

Now, I am not telling you to read the Bible to become a Christian or to injure your sensibilities if you are not a Christian. What I am telling you is that there is a message there, written in red. That no matter who you are or what religion you belong to there is a message there, that if you can see and if you can here, there is a lot of reference to that in there. And what that means, is if you understand the symbolic esoteric language so that you can read what is hidden below the literal interpretation and stop listening to these maniacs, standing up behind pulpits, telling you all these lies. Because that’s what they are. Everyone is deceived, even the initiates in the mysteries. And Albert Pike admits it in Morals and Dogma. He says, that at each level of initiation they are presented with the same symbolic story, but each degree has a different interpretation. So what are they to believe? He says in Morals and Dogma they never learn the truth until the 30th degree, when they are told that Lucifer is their God. And he doesn’t mean that there is a red devil with horns and a pointed tail, running around in some hellfire in the center of the earth, poking people in the butt with a spear. It is a metaphor for even deeper esoteric revelations. Whether you believe them or not, you had better learn them, you had better study them, because these people hold the reigns of power. These are the people who control the atomic bombs, ladies and gentlemen. These are the people who built the Soviet Union. And now we’ll continue. Because now we can talk about God in their language, and you can understand that it is not your God they are discussing.


[See, they believe] man’s spirit is an indestructible fragment of God’s own mighty Spirit, truly a tiny spark of that cosmic Intelligence and Love which we call the Mind of God, the ancients typified the divine element in man by fire, [remember I told you that fire is the metaphor for the intellect,] and in contrast the lower or human element by water. [And thus great expanses of water represent large numbers of people. Souls occupying human or material bodies.] The fiery soul of man is housed in a tenement of flesh and matter which is seven-eighths water by actual composition! The crossing of the rivers and seas and the immersion of solar heroes in water in olden mythologies, and the rite of baptism in theology, signified nothing beyond the fact of the soul’s immersion in a physical body of water nature in its successive incarnations. [You see, they believe in incarnation. They believe in past lives. When Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz believes in past lives, he sent his son for past life regression. He talked about it on the air and said his son in his past life was a soldier, just like him. He said that he believes in reincarnation. Then in the same breath out of the other side of his mouth he tells you he is a Christian. I’ve been telling you for years, James Bo Gritz is an initiate. A warrior monk of the mysteries, a member of the Knights Templar. He is a Freemason and probably much more.]

[They believe,] man is distinctly a creature compounded of two natures, a higher and a lower, a spiritual and a sensual, a divine and a human, a mortal and an immortal, and finally a fiery and a watery, conjoined in a mutual relationship in the organic body of flesh. [And in the New Age Movement they take this literally and believe that the soul can actually leave the body and another soul come in and occupy, they call this walk-ins.] Heraclitus says: „Man is a portion of cosmic fire, imprisoned in a body of earth and water.“ Speaking of man Plato affirms: „Through body it is an animal; through intellect it is a god.“ [Everyone for hundreds and thousands of years have pondered the meaning of the Sphinx, and no one ever understood what it exactly meant until I told you on this broadcast. The Sphinx personifies this principle in the mysteries. The Sphinx obviously was built by one of the ancient lodges of Babylon. The Sphinx is put there to remind man that he is an animal who can think. An animal, endowed with the fire of intellect. An animal within whose body dwells a soul. That is the mystery of the Sphinx, that is the only mystery of the Sphinx. That is the only message that the Sphinx can deliver and I have never read it in any book, nor have I seen it spoken or written anywhere. It is what I have learned through the study of the mysteries. And I am right.] And the brotherhood believes that this explanation is the true basic description of man that Anthropology can present. [They believe that] all problems spring from that foundation and are referable for solution back to it.

[They believe that] man is then a natural man, and a god, [you see,] in combination. [They believe that] our natural body gives the soul of man its baptism by water; our nascent spiritual body is to give us the later baptism by fire! We are born first as the natural man; then as the spiritual. Or we are born first by water and then by fire. [They believe] of vital significance at this point are two statements by St. Paul: „That was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural“; and, „First that which is natural, then that which is spiritual.“ Again he says: „For the natural man comprehendeth not the things of the spirit of God, neither can he.“ [You see, I told you several years ago on a broadcast of The Hour of the Time that St. Paul, as he is known in the Catholic Church. Or Paul, as he is known in the Protestant religion, was a member of the mysteries. Everything that he wrote is written in the esoteric language. You see, if all that is true then men can not comprehend the things of the spirit of God, if he is the natural man. And as Paul says, „neither can he“.] And of course not; for [if that is true] he is not yet in that higher kingdom of evolution, and he must be transformed, transfigured, lifted up into a superior world of consciousness before he can cognize spiritual things. [They believe] Evolution will thus transform him, and nothing else will [and this is symbolized in the initiation in the lodge, when they are symbolically suffered a death in a coffin, and then raised by the grip of the lions paw, and given a new name and thus said to be born again. Christians run around and they go to church, they become baptized. They become a member of the church, then they fall out of grace, fall out of church, fall away from God, fall away from Jesus. And then they come back, they sit in church, listen to some preacher, they get some feeling in their chest. They rise up, run forward and they are said to be born again. Nonsense! Absolute nonsense.]

[The Brotherhood] uses astrological bases for portraying cosmic truths, the ancients localized the birth of the natural man in the zodiacal house of Virgo and that of the spiritual man in the opposite house of Pisces.

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[So, according, to the mysteries] these then were the houses of the two mothers of life. The first was the Virgin Mother (Virgo), the primeval symbol of the Virgin Mary thousands of years B.C. Virgo gave man his natural birth by water and became known as the Water-Mother; Pisces (the Fishes by name) gave him his birth by the Fish and was denominated the Fish-Mother. The virgin mothers are all identified with water as symbol and their various names, such as Meri, Mary, Venus (born of the sea-foam), Tiamat, Typhon and Thallath (Greek for „sea“) are designations for water. On the other side there are the Fish Avatars of Vishnu, such as the Babylonian Ioannes, or Dagon, and the Assyrian goddess Atergatis was called „the Fish-Mother.“ Virgo stood as the mother of birth by water, or the birth of man the first, of the earth, earthy; Pisces stood as the mother of birth by spirit or fire, or the birth of man the second, described by St. Paul as „the Lord from heaven.“ Virgo was the water-mother of the natural man, Pisces the fish-mother of the spiritual man.“

There must now be brought out an unrevealed significance of the fish symbol in the zodiac and in mythical religion. It is of astonishing import. [You see, in the mysteries] water is the type of natural birth because all natural birth proceeds in and from water, [even human]. All first life originated in the sea water, [according to the theory of Evolution, which came right out of this philosophy, preached to the world by a brother of the Illuminati, known as Charles Darwin.] The fish is a birth in and from the water, and it stands patently as the generic type of organic life issuing out of inorganic! The fish typifies life embodied in a physical organic structure. Organic life is born out of the water, and is the first birth, child of the water-mother. And if organic life is in turn to become mother, its child will be mind and spiritual consciousness, son of the fish-mother! In brief, water is the mother of natural physical being, and organic structure becomes the later mother of divine mind.

[Interlude music: Enya music]

[Remember, ladies and gentlemen, we do not tell you what to believe or how to believe it. We tell you the truth, so that you can find your own way out of the darkness. So that you can find the truth. And so that if there truly is a light, you can determine which light is the true light, for they all say that theirs is the light. All of them! All of them! „Ours is the light.“ „I am the Light.“ „My way is the light.“ You don’t believe it? Read it all. The way you get trapped in just one is that’s the first one that anyone ever teaches you. Or someone more persuasive comes along and persuades you, that they are right. The truth, I think, you may find, ladies and gentlemen, is that they are all in some aspect right, and all in many aspects very wrong. And you must discover what is right and what is wrong, because if you are not living you life in truth, then you are not living you life. You are living someone else’s life. You are living in darkness. In lies, in deceit, in manipulation.]

Now, strangely enough, water is the type, [ladies and gentlemen,] of another thing which is still more germinal of life, namely, matter. [According to the mysteries] matter is the virgin mother of all life in the aboriginal genesis. [According to the mysteries] all things are generated in the womb of primordial matter, the „old genetrix“ of Egyptian mythology. And [according to the mysteries] it is by a consideration of the nature of matter and its evolution that we are enabled to arrive at last at the true meaning of the double motherhood of life. For oddly enough, [they believe] matter is seen to exist in two states, in each of which it becomes mother of life, at two different levels. Primordial matter, the sea of (to us) empty space, is the first mother of all living forms. [They believe that] this is the primal „abyss of the waters“ in Genesis. [The source of all Darwinism.] The Latin word for „mother“ is our very word „matter,“ with one „t“ left out–mater. And how close to mater is water! And organic structure is the second mother, parent of spiritual mind.

[All of] the ancient books always grouped the two mothers in pairs. [All of the ancient books and the ancient philosophies said that] they were called „the two mothers“ or sometimes the „two divine sisters.“ Or they were the wife and sister of the God, under the names of Juno, Venus, Isis, Ishtar, Cybele or Mylitta. In old Egypt they were first Apt and Neith; and later Isis and Nephthys. Massey, [the great esoteriscist,] relates Neith to „net,“ [you heard us discussing the Netters [sp?] the other night. Not many people upon the face of this globe understand what it was that we were discussing. Not many people upon the face of this earth have ever heard the name Netters as applied to a group. And it took me many many years of study to figure out exactly who were the Netters and what did it mean.] Massey relates Neith to „net,“ i.e., fish-net! [And in the Bible it talks about the Apostles casting their net into the sea.] Clues to their functions were picked up in the great Book of the Dead: „Isis conceived him; Nephthys gave him birth.“ Or: „Isis bore him; Nephthys suckled him,“ or reared him. The full sense of these statements was not discerned until they were scrutinized in the light of another key sentence which matched them: [In the Book of the Dead it says,] „Heaven conceived him; the Tuat brought him forth.“ With this came the flash of clear insight into the mystery. For that which is to eventuate in the cycles of evolution as divine mind in an organic creature–man–is aboriginally conceived by divine ideation in the innermost depths of Cosmic Consciousness, or in the purely noumenal world, or again in the bosom of Infinite Spirit, where Spirit is identical with pure undifferentiated matter. [Now that’s a difficult concept to grasp, but] it is mirrored in the Egyptian statement that Isis conceived him. Matter in its invisible, inorganic state was the womb of the first conception. Isis is virgin, i.e., pure matter, or matter sublimated to spiritual tenuity. The Tuat, on the other hand, is really earth, as the type of physical matter, or matter organic, aggregated into substantial forms, called by us physical matter. It is matter as substance, constituted and existent in the visible world in structural forms. [You see, ladies and gentlemen,] Isis was matter subsistent as empty space, and Nephthys was atomic matter, constituent of visible structural forms. The physical worlds which we must now think of as floating in the sea of empty space like fish in the water, are the second form of matter, and their organic bodies of substantial matter give birth to the Logoi in the solar systems and to the Christos in man, [according to the religion of the mysteries.] So, [they believe that] divine spirit is conceived in the womb of Isis, the first universal mother, and brought to birth in the womb of Nephthys, the second mother, the immediate incubator and gestator of its manifest expression. One might paraphrase this situation by saying that a human child is first conceived in the love, or mind, of its parents, and later born from the womb of its physical mother. Thus life has two births and must of necessity have two mothers. [The only problem with this, is it was written when that is the purpose of sexual intercourse was to produce a child. Not so today. This philosophy would not stand up, would not stand up in any single bar in this nation. Because children are conceived every day without love, without thought, without mind of its parents. And indeed, after that meeting of the bodies, in many instances the parents never see each other again in the rest of their life. You see, ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t matter what you believe, its all flawed in some part. All of it. All of it, because it is all been penned by the hand of man, not matter who or what inspired it. So they believe that] life is spiritually conceived and materially born. Or, man may be said to be born as a natural creature from spirit into matter, and born later as a spiritual god when he emerges from his baptism in the water of the body and re-enters the bosom of his Father. Or, finally, he is born first as man, by water; and reborn later as god, by fire. And the first birth was depicted as taking place on the western side of the zodiac, in the house or womb of the Virgin Mother, Virgo, because in the west the sun, universal symbol of spiritual fire, descended into organic matter in its setting, or incarnation. [And so they believe that] man is born as natural man on the west, to be regenerated as spiritual man on the east. [Horus risen, the new dawn, the source of light of knowledge, of intelligence.] Spirit’s descent on the west makes it man; its resurrection on the east, like the summer sunrise, makes it deity, [or god,] again. This is the death and resurrection of the god in all religions. [It is the reason for the sunrise service on Easter.] It is incarnation and return to spirit. It is the descent of the Messiah into Egypt and his exodus back to Canaan.

[And there is more, oh yes,] further scrutiny of such data brings to light links of connection with the Bible. The chief one is found in the symbol of bread in connection with both Virgo and Pisces. Pisces is the house of the Fishes by name, but it is not commonly known that Virgo in astrological symbology was the house of Bread. [Virgo in astrological symbology was the house of Bread. And] this is indicated by several items of ancient typology. Many centuries ago in the precession of the equinoxes, the end of the year was marked by the position of the great Dog-Star Sirius, mighty celestial symbol of the divinity in man, [in the mysteries. And] precisely at midnight of December 24 it stood on the meridian line from the zenith to Egypt. At the same moment there arose on the eastern horizon the constellation of the Virgin, bearing in her left arm the Christ child, symbol of the Christhood coming to function in man, and in her right hand the great star Spica (Latin, a head, or „spike“ of wheat), *laughs* as in S.P.I.K.E. Training,] symbol of that same divinity coming as celestial food for man. [Wheat. Bread.] It must ever be remembered that the Gospel Jesus told us we had virtually to eat his body as food, and drink his blood, if we would inherit eternal life. So typism represented him as coming in the form of man, the babe Christ, and as food for man, the wheat. John speaks of the Christ principle in the words: „This is that bread which came down from heaven, [Now listen to me carefully.] „This is that bread which came down from heaven, that if a man eat of it he shall hunger no more.“ [Ladies and gentlemen,] Jesus broke a loaf into fragments and gave to his disciples, saying that it was his body, broken for them.

We now have Virgo established as the house of Bread and Pisces as the house of Fish. But the characterization of the two houses must be brought along to a more specific evolutionary reference. What are these „houses,“ thus delineated? [What does it mean?] They are, [according to the Mysteries,] as at first, the two states of matter, but now to be taken in immediate reference to the life of man on earth. They are in the final stage of the meaning man’s body itself, which consists of matter in both its invisible and its visible forms. For man has a natural body, according to these people,] and a spiritual body. Man’s body itself houses the two mothers. The body is this double house of Bread and of Fish.

And the next link is seen when it is considered that this physical body is for the soul the house of death and in its regenerative phase, the house of rebirth. [While the rose represents the soul in the Ancient Order of the Rosea Crucea, and the cross, the matter, or the body, signifying the death of the soul, crucified upon the cross of matter.] It is the house into which the spirit descends to its partial obscuration in the darkness of the grave of matter, into the night of death, or incarnation, out of which it is to arise in a new birth or resurrection on the opposite side of the cycle. [When the body dies and the soul is released from its prison of matter.] A significant passage from the Book of the Dead recites: „Who cometh forth from the dusk, and whose birth is in the house of death“–referring to the incarnating soul. In a spiritual sense the soul „dies“ on entering the body in incarnation, [according to these people,] but has a new birth in it as it later resurrects from it. The body is therefore the house of his death and rebirth, or the place of his crucifixion and resurrection. [And truly, upon the souls entering a new body, upon incarnation all memory is erased and can be said to be dead.]

And the Egyptians had a name for the body as the locus of these transformations, which carry the central meaning of all theologies. This name now rises out of the dim mists of ancient Egyptian books to enlighten all modern Bible comprehension. This city of the body, where the sun of soul [spelled S.U.N. of soul] sank to its death on the cross of matter, to rearise in a new birth, was called the city of the sun, or in Greek, Heliopolis, but in the Egyptian, ANU. The name was given to an actual Egyptian city, where, [ladies and gentlemen,] the rites of the death, burial and resurrection of Osiris or Horus, [the two are the same depending upon whether the sun is setting or rising,] were enacted each year; but the name bore a theological significance before it was given to a geographical town.

The name is obviously made up of NU, the name for the mother heaven, or empty space, or abyss of nothingness, and Alpha privative, meaning, as in thousands of words, „not.“ A-NU would then mean „not-nothingness,“ or a world of concrete actuality, the world of physical substantial manifestation. Precisely such a world it is in which units of virginal consciousness go to their death and rise again. [So, all of you who think you’ve been born again, you haven’t even begun to understand the meaning of the term. You have taken an esoteric philosophy and turned it into a literal meaning.] A-NU is then the physical body of man on earth. The soul descends out of the waters of the abyss of the NUN, or space in its undifferentiated unity, which is the sign and name of all things negative. The NUN is indeed our „none.“ [Or, nothingness.] Life in the completeness of its unity is negative. To become positively manifest it must differentiate itself into duality, establish positive-negative tension, and later split up into untold multiplicity. This, [they say,] brings out the significance of the Biblical word „multiply.“ Life can not manifest itself in concrete forms until it multiplies itself endlessly. Unit life of deity must break itself up into infinite fragments in order to fill empty space with a multitude of worlds and beings of different natures. The primal Sea or Mother must engender a multitudinous progeny, to spawn the limitless shoals of organic fish-worlds. This, [ladies and gentlemen, in the mysteries] is the meaning of the promise given to Abraham, that his seed should multiply till it filled the earth with offspring countless as the sands of the seashore. And if life was symbolized by bread, as the first birth, and by fish, as the second, then we might expect to find in old religious typology the allegory of a Christ figure multiplying loaves and fishes! Are we surprised to find that the Gospel Jesus does this very thing, multiplying the five loaves and two small fishes to feed a multitude!

[You see,] this is astonishing enough in all conscience, but it yields in wonder to the next datum of Comparative Religion which came to our notice as a further tie between the Bible and antecedent Egyptian mythology. Who can adequately measure the seriousness of the challenge which this item of scholarship presents to Gospel historicity? For a discovery of sensational interest came to light when a passage was found in the Book of the Dead which gave to Anu the characteristic designation, „the place of multiplying bread“! Here in the long silent tomes of old Egypt was found the original, the prototype, of the miracle of the loaves and the fishes in the Gospels of Christianity. And a meaning never before apprehended had to be read into this New Testament wonder. At last we were instructed to catch in the miracle the sense that the physical body, as A-NU, was the place where the corpus of the Christ’s deific power was broken into an infinite number of fragments and distributed out among a multitude of creatures, enhungered after a three-days’ fast, or deprivation of the food of spiritual life in their sojourn in the three kingdoms, the mineral, vegetable and animal, before reaching the plane of mind. Here are all the elements of the inner meaning of the Christian Eucharist: the broken but multiplied fragments of the body of the god, distributed to feed hungry humanity. And as humanity is composed of twelve groups of divine conscious units, there were gathered up twelve baskets of fragments! And this episode of the Christ’s ostensible life is found to be Egyptian in origin and meaning and symbolic in character! [And indeed, Christ was written about, and spoken of, and celebrated long before the Christ of Christianity ever appeared upon this earth.]

[And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where we are going to leave you for tonight, because that gives you more than enough to think about. Now, I want to tell you once again, it doesn’t matter if you believe this or not, or if I believe it or not, it matters not at all. For those who have the power in the world today believe it. They believe it. And if they believe it, it will affect all of us, whether we believe it or not. What we believe makes no difference except in our own lives. In the world, and how the governments and powers and principalities rule us or enslave us, it makes a great deal of difference.

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[Intro music: Enya music, William Cooper speaking over it:]

WC: Doyle is coming. Doyle is coming, ladies and gentlemen, and he is coming for you. And he will be here in just a moment.

Tonight you are learning a portion of the hidden religion, practiced behind the veil in the lodge without windows. All of the fraternal orders practice this religion, ladies and gentlemen. They practiced it in secret and withhold it from you. And because you do not know it they refer to you as „cattle“, „cattle“, „cattle“ … So, one the one hand they say that you are the profane and are not worthy of the knowledge, and on the other hand they say you are ignorant stupid animals, cattle, because you do not know. It is a lie. They are liars. They deceive and manipulate with this knowledge. Anything born of a lie and lived as a lie is nothing but a lie.

[Music stops]

WC: And now, ladies and gentlemen, what you’re all been waiting for, here is Doyle. Ah, we’ve got to take 101.1 FM Eager off the air. We will be back on the air between about 15 to 30 minutes, so if you are listening in the Round Valley, tune back in about 15 minutes and every few minutes after that, until you get us, that is if you want to listen to the rest of the broadcast. We will be opening the phone lines at about 8 o’clock Mountain Standard Time, and that will be 11 pm Eastern, it will be 10 Central and 8 Pacific Daylight. Okay, Mr. Doyle, its all yours.

Doyle: Alright.

WC: Have fun.

Doyle: Oh, yes.

WC: I’ve got to get out of here.

Doyle: Alright, I want to cover a few things real quick.

[Doyle talks about radio products one can purchase to support The Hour of the Time and answers questions from the listening audience about general HOTT stuff.]

WC: Alright, wow, I am still tired.

[William Cooper opens the phones and offers a Snuffy Smith knife if someone can guess what the Cooper family had for dinner. Interlude music: Enya, William Cooper speaking over it:]

WC: You are listening to The Hour of the Time. I am William Cooper. We believe in freedom, ladies and gentlemen, we don’t care who you are, we don’t care what color you skin is, we don’t care what religion you believe in, if you believe in freedom for all people. To be who they wish or who they can be and strive to the ultimate capability, or ultimate achievement of their capability. If you believe in order for you to worship your religion you must give freedom to worship to all other people, then you are one of us. We believe freedom is the ultimate achievement of all human kind.

[1st call about dinner question]

[2nd caller:] I was listening to the reading you did earlier this evening about the mysteries and what these people believe and I want to take one specific example. One evening, a while back, you mentioned Ted Gunderson. And the thing where I have a little bit trouble with biting off is, it would seem to me that it would be very difficult for people like Gunderson or Clinton or whoever you want to choose, that they would actually believe this stuff…

WC: Why? See, this is what I don’t understand. What religion you belong to?

[2nd caller]: Christian.

WC: Do you think its any more difficult for them to believe that then for you to believe that God was born in a human body of a virgin mother on this earth and offered himself up to be crucified on a cross in order to absorb and take away sin from all people, who after that believed in him?

[2nd caller]: Yes, I do, and the reason is that I think there is more tangible evidence of biblical Christianity in nature of the world.

WC: You are missing the whole point. See, you believe it, so it’s easy for you to say that. But you are listening to me giving you an arcane philosophy that you never heard before and knew very little about. And so for you its difficult to believe. Imagine yourself somebody from somewhere else, who never heard of Christianity. Do you think its any easier for them to believe your religion than it is to believe what you heard on here tonight?

[2nd caller]: I see what you are saying, belief is belief, and ultimately, each persons going to believe what they heard or what they want to believe…

WC: That’s right. That’s why they call it religion. It is based upon strictly faith. You must have faith that its true, or you cant believe it. There is not factual proof anywhere. There is no scientific anything that can back up any basic religion tenets of any religion on the faith of this earth. That’s why religion is called religion and science is called science.

[2nd caller]: I guess I understand that, I just … okay, just take Ted Gunderson for example, he is pretty logical guy, or he seems to, yet he is going around the country spouting off about this hydrodynamic bomb, which he claims blew up Oklahoma City, when its obvious to any person with a brain, that …

WC: They had to have shape charges put on these columns, absolutely.

[2nd caller]: Right, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that what Carton [sp?] was saying there, that the theory that it was done by one bomb is a bunch of crap.

WC: Absolutely.

[2nd caller]: Its obvious. But how can a guy, Ted Gunderson, go around the country, ignoring that evidence and spreading this other theory, does he actually know what he is doing or is he a dupe, or…?

WC: Well, you’ll have to ask Ted Gunderson that.

[2nd caller]: *laughs* But he is not going to tell me the truth.

WC: Well, you don’t know that, you haven’t asked him yet. You’ll never know until you ask him. Ted seems to me to be somebody who has been taken in by somebody else on some things. For instance, he claims he got that story from a very well known con-men, named Ricardo Suida [sp?]…

[2nd caller]: Right, who is in jail, or …

WC: Who is in jail and who claims all kind of things, including having flown George Bush to France for the October Surprise.

[2nd caller]: Yeah, right, I have heard that story, too.

WC: But the man is not all there, and anybody who believes that Ricardo Suida [sp?] is telling the truth is just not there, either.

[2nd caller]: Yeah.

WC: But, you know, Ted might believe him, I don’t know.

[2nd caller]: What is the … Do you know about what is the real story behind Bo Gritz getting shot? Did somebody …

WC: All I know is Bo Gritz shot himself in the chest with a .45 in an attempt to commit suicide. Now that tells me that he had no intention of committing suicide. And he must have shot himself with a bullet out of which he had dumped most of the powder, because you cant shoot yourself in the chest with a .45 and then get up and walk out of a hospital two days later.

[2nd caller]: That’s an interesting thought.

WC: Bo Gritz is an old military man. He has killed a lot of people. He knows how to kill himself.

[2nd caller]: Yeah. I never thought about reducing the powder charge. I never thought about that one.

WC: Yeah.

[2nd caller]: Well, what would the purpose be for a faked suicide attempt on his part.

WC: How the hell do I know? All I know is its phony, that’s all I can tell you.

[2nd caller]: Yeah.

WC: No man in this world who has ever been in combat and actually killed people and seen people killed would ever shoot himself in the chest with a .45 in the first place.

[2nd caller]: It was a low probability shot, wasn’t it?

WC: Its absolutely ridiculous. You know? *laughs*

[2nd caller]: Well, it looks like I have to go back and do some more studying. Because, *laughs* that’s what it comes down to.

WC: Yeah, and remember, I wasn’t trying to attack your religion as a Christian, I was trying to get you to look at it, because you expressed surprise as somebody would believe what you heard earlier on this broadcast, but, you know, many other people would express surprise that you or I believe what we believe.

[2nd caller]: Well, the reason I expressed surprise was that – that’s part of the reason that I subscribe to the Christian religion or believe in the Christian religion – is because it seems like, amongst other things, there is a great deal tangible evidence for it. Its not just a matter of faith. There is quite a bit of … if you compare of what the Bible says to the world that we live in, you see it explaining Creation of living beings …

WC: That does not explain Jesus Christ. That just explains the existence of God, which any reasonable person can see in the order of the universe and in nature around us. That’s easy to see, but to believe in Jesus Christ and what he represents to Christians and what they believe he was and did and what the end result was of that action, is … you cant see that by looking around in nature. That you either have to believe or discard altogether.

[2nd caller]: Yeah, I guess that element of it is strictly an element which you have to take on faith, I agree with you there.

WC: Yes. And that’s what makes Christianity Christian. *laughs*

[2nd caller]: So, every religion, they always have their God or whatever they accept.

WC: Their God is them.

[2nd caller]: Right.

WC: See, they allude to a god and then they say, that god is actually Lucifer on earth. And then, as you delve into it and begin to understand it, it always ends up that its man that’s god.

[2nd caller]: But how do they explain the existence of the earth that we live on and their own existence?

WC: I just read that to you tonight. They believe that that is the springing forth from the nothingness of primordial matter. The original thought. Thought desire action. Those are the three sides of the triangle. The Triad. The Trilateral. *laughs*

[2nd caller]: So, their purpose is a triangle and everything else, that’s just valid as an explanation for their existence as the Christians view of creation, then.

WC: Yes, they don’t believe that there is some old guy with a long beard sitting on a throne up in heaven, then waved his arms and said that there’ll be light and, you know, grabbed up some dust and breathed air into it and made man.

[2nd caller]: Right, they just have a different…

WC: And back they would say that what I just told you was absolute nonsense.

[2nd caller]: Right. They attribute it to some other process.

WC: Yeah, they attribute it to the manifestation of an original thought, which created in its being, or bringing forth primordial matter out of the nothingness, or the virgin.

[2nd caller]: You think its possible, too, that there are people that are higher within the ranks of our nation that maybe believe in the God that Christians believe in but …

WC: They don’t believe in anything. See, you are trying to read a lot of stuff in here that is not. All of the stuff that I gave you tonight is how they attract initiates. Is how they build their organization, is how they lead their followers around by the nose. At the highest level they don’t believe in any of that. They don’t believe there is a God. They don’t believe there is a Satan, they don’t believe there is a Devil, they don’t believe anything. They believe that man is here and man, if he uses his intellect, can conquer it all.

[2nd caller]: I guess I am questioning that Jesus on the basis of the Bibles teachings concerning …

WC: They don’t believe in the Bible. They believe the Bible is an esoteric tome that’s been mistranslated, abused and misused by people throughout history. And that it was originally put together as a political manipulation of the Roman Emperor, who at that time was the pope, in order to rule the world. There was a merger of church and state, the cross and the crown, some people want to go back to it, look for their cross and crown, and you will see people who want an Emperor and a religion melted into one.

[2nd caller]: Isn’t it equally possible for the people who have constructed the mystery religion have created the system or thinking that Jesus described for the purpose of manipulating those others while having a different believe within themselves that they don’t disclose publicly?

WC: No. This is an ancient religion. This religion existed long before Christianity was even a spot in anybodies mind.

[2nd caller]: Yeah, I understand that. I understand that it goes back to the very dawn of man, as far as we …

WC: Yeah, it started with the first guy who saw Prometheus strike a tree and start a fire, and he grabbed a branch and learned how to keep it going, and he learned to manipulate and control others with this knowledge and he told them that there was something mystical or religious about it. He became the first king and the first priest.

[2nd caller]: So, you don’t believe based on your readings then that there is any possibility that the people …

WC: I just told you.

[2nd caller]: … at the highest level …

WC: You can ask me that question a million times, you will get the same answer: No. At the highest levels they believe in man and man’s intellect. They believe, that when you die, nothing happens, you just turn to dust.

[2nd caller]: What is the motivation for them continuing this movement then, generation after generation after generation?

WC: Its to conquer death. Its to …

[2nd caller]: But when they think that when you are dead, there is nothing, there is no afterlife, there is nothing else for them …

WC: That’s right.

[2nd caller]: What is their motivation? Why wouldn’t they be more interested in what they can …

WC: I told you a while ago. Its how they are attracted into these things. They don’t get promoted to the top and learn the ultimate truth unless they are worthy of handling it. And by then they are so hooked into the system and have so many blood oaths under their belt, they couldn’t get out if they wanted to. They have no choice but to further the plan. Socialists and Communists and people within the highest levels of the Illuminati do not believe in God or Satan. They believe that man is God. Or that man is becoming God is the more accurate term for it. And when they conquer genetics and they learn the last secrets of science, they will have a race of people, or leaders, as they call it, who will keep a slave race, like us, alive just to serve them, and they will live forever, conquer the universe, rule over matter and the whole known system.

[2nd caller]: What then is our role … you said there … are we to resist … I mean, there are a lot of things that we could be doing right now that we as society or as Patriots or however you want to label the different people who are interested in this type of things; there are different things we could be doing all the way to education, all the way up to active civil war …

WC: I told you a hundred times, civil war is out of the question. Restoration is what we must be after.

[2nd caller]: And by that you mean the restoration of our constitutional form of government?

WC: Restoration of our constitutional republican government, yes.

[2nd caller]: Okay.

WC: Its the most perfect, best, its the most promising, most freedom-granting government that’s ever existed on the face of this earth and I have never seen anything better.

[2nd caller]: The reason for I am asking these questions is because, I listen to your broadcast and I read Veritas, but sometimes its hard to put all these questions together …

WC: I don’t know why, I’ve led you with a personal example, I’m going to give my life. How far should you go? Well, how bad do you love or how well do you love freedom? I am willing to give my life. I have already stuck my neck out. Long, long, long ago I have stuck it out. I knew my fate was sealed years ago. I’m going to give my life, because I know something. I know a secret that most people just cant seem to grasp, if you are not willing to give your life for freedom, you cannot be free, you cannot have it, you will never be free.

[2nd caller]: Yeah.

WC: Because, its easy to take it away from you. They just send a couple of guys up. Big, browny guys with muscles, with guns, or with baseball bats and they say, „You are going to do the hell we say you gonna do or we gonna kill you!“ If you are not willing to die for freedom, you have just become their slave.

[2nd caller]: That’s correct.

WC: You see, I am willing to die for it. If they came up to my home and took my daughter and put a gun to her head and say, „You do what we say or we are going to kill her!“ You know what I would say?

[2nd caller]: You’d say, „Go ahead and kill her and I’ll deal with you guys later.“

WC: That’s exactly what I would say. I would say, „Kill her.“ But I would spend the rest of my life hunting them down.

[2nd caller]: Absolutely.

WC: And I would kill them. And all, whom they belonged to.

[2nd caller]: I think this kind of spirit was a lot more obvious to people who lived in the year 1776 and its kind of blurred out for us now and I think its just now its beginning to be realized again.

WC: Yeah. But you see, there are some people out there who would say, „You are wrong! You would let them kill your daughter? Then I would do whatever they said!“ Not understanding, what they have just committed to. They have committed to become a slave and commit their children to slavery, because they did not have the courage of their convictions, nor do they believe in anything worthwhile enough that they are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice, so that it will prevail for further generations down the line.

[2nd caller]: Its basically selfishness, isn’t it?

WC: Yeah. That’s what makes me more dangerous than anybody who would fight for world government, or fight for this arcane bullshit philosophy, or the United Nations flag, or the freemasonic lodge or any of that crap. Because I’ll die for my beliefs, and they wont.

[2nd caller]: Yap.

WC: They are all cowards. That’s why they hide behind lies and manipulation. They don’t have the courage of their convictions, to stand up and state their convictions and march to fight for them. They are manipulators, liars. Does that give you a little better understanding? I’ve always lead the charge, I’ve always given an example, I’ve never asked anyone to do anything that I would not do. At our conferences I have never eaten a bite of food until everybody there was fed. I believe if you are going to be a leader and you ask somebody else to do something you must be prepared to do it twice before they.

[2nd caller]: I agree with you and, yeah, what you have said is helping me to understand. Its a lot of information and like I said earlier, sometimes I only get it in bits and pieces.

WC: Oh, I understand.

[2nd caller]: And its hard to put it all together, so, I’m heading in that direction.

WC: And forgive me if sometimes I am not as patient as you might wish me to be. I’m at this for many many years, and sometimes I find it absolutely frustrating when people cannot grasp what I know so well. *laughs*

[2nd caller]: You have read 10.000 books that I haven’t.

WC: Yeah, I know, but I become very impatient, because I want so much for people to understand and to come out of that enslavement and that mental vacuum that they live their lifes in for most of their lifes and I know exactly how that is, because I lived most of my life that way before I began to „see the light“.

[2nd caller]: *laughs* Well, alright, Bill, I have enjoyed talking to you.

WC: You’re welcome, thank you for calling.

[3rd caller]: Bill, I think it goes all back to scripture where Jesus said in the parable of the sour [grapes], where the wayside [sp?] here could not understand the things of God. So, anything else that you said, it really explained it to me that these men, most of them don’t believe in anything.

WC: At the highest levels. The ones in between the highest levels and the lowest levels, they do. They believe all this nonsense that they are filling their heads with.

[3rd caller]: Oh, I see, okay. But there is a certain amount of them that do believe in this.

WC: To get into the lodge you have to profess a believe in a Supreme Being. They don’t tell you what that Supreme Being is, nor do they ask you what you think it is.

[3rd caller]: And ultimately they are saying that this Supreme Being is Lucifer.

WC: Well, during all of those years of the ceremony and the symbology and the teachings and the speeches and reading the books and the teachings of the lodge, then they take the minds of these people and twist them around to believe what they want them to believe. You see, they have them for lot of years to play with their heads.

[3rd caller]: Okay. It is very interesting. Ah … good …

WC: See, at the highest level … See, all of these people who join the lodges, all of these various lodges, they spend all these years looking for the secret that they had been promised. That they will be one of the elect, and that they are going to learn great secrets as a member of the lodge, if they ever get to the highest levels of the lodge, the only secret that they learn that there is, is how to use the promise of a secret to lead and manipulate all of the members below them.

[3rd caller]: Bill, where can you find out that this symbols they use, the hand signals that exist, …

WC: *laughs*

[3rd caller]: I mean, how do you find this out?`You go to a library or, I mean …

WC: No, you are looking for a silver bullet I have told you a hundred years, there is not one, it requires work, study, reading hundreds of books. Sitting down and piecing together the puzzle.

[3rd caller]: Because, I have seen in use these signals, you know, in my … I work in the building trade, you know, and you see them, I mean, I don’t understand a lot of it.

WC: The quickest way is to in the lodge. But if you do that, you have to take oaths that, as far as I’m concerned, strips you of your soul.

[3rd caller]: Right. I would not do that.

WC: And don’t ever believe for a moment that those oaths don’t mean anything. Grown men don’t make oaths that don’t mean anything, if those grown men have any honor, whatsoever.

[3rd caller]: Well, I’m sure they mean something, because, apparently …

WC: Oh, I guarantee you, it means exactly what they say.

[3rd caller]: Right, right, it means something to them.

WC: And if their oath in the lodge doesn’t mean anything, what does their oath in a court of law mean? You see, they are liars. And when you ask them what they believe at and what it all means and they stand there and lie to you for about two hours and tell you it doesn’t mean anything. They are under oath, they cannot ever tell you the secrets of the lodge, they must lie to you, and they do.

[3rd caller]: Mm.

WC: And the books in the lodge tell them to lie. And I’ll read the oaths to you. It says that they have to protect and shelter a brother even if he has committed murder and treason.

[3rd caller]: Mm … that’s except for murder and treason, right?

WC: No! Murder and treason not accepted!

[3rd caller]: Oh, I thought it was the other way around.

WC: No! See, that’s how they get away with what they get away with.

[3rd caller]: Mm, okay. Alright. You know, I heard someone recently teaching about the Knights of Columbus and I don’t know if this is … you probably know more about this … and this man, he says that they put that 4th degree thing, that when they get the sword [sp?], they put it to a women’s body and kill the baby, you know, for the pope or whatever, I mean, does that sound familiar to you?

WC: Unless I have the oath and can read it on the air I am not going to say anything, because anything I say can be misconstrued.

[3rd caller]: But, you are familiar with it?

WC: Yes I am familiar with it but I’m not going to comment on it, unless I can read the oath verbatim and the ceremony, so that people understand.

[3rd caller]: You think you are going to do that sometime?

WC: I don’t know. I have done a lot of it on past episodes. I read what I think is necessary for people to know. All secret societies are subversive, I don’t care what you call them.

[3rd caller]: Mm. Right.

WC: It doesn’t matter what religion they pretend to belong to, or what religion condones their lodge or whether they are condoned by a religion or not. It doesn’t make any difference to me, all secret societies, I have studied them all, they are all subversive, I don’t care what their name is. Period. If they weren’t subversive they wouldn’t be secret. I have learned that. There is no need for secrecy when people are not doing anything that requires secrecy. There is no need for secrecy, if people are not doing something that they know the community would not approve of.

[3rd caller]: Exactly. Its like, you turn the light on and all the rats take off. Hey, Bill, thanks a lot.

WC: You’re welcome.

[3rd caller]: Talk to you later.

WC: By the way, the little lesson that I gave you at the beginning of this broadcast tonight was taken from The Lost Light by Alvin Boyd Kuhn, was taken from the writings of Manly P. Hall, Albert Pike, was taken from my own research, quite a bit of which was interjected in the lecture.

[Interlude music: Thinking music]

Whenever I am doing lectures or teachings on the [inaudible] I like to play this sort of esoteric sounding music. It gives you some room for some mental imagination.

[4th caller]: I wanted to inquire something about Enya. My wife’s favorite music.

WC: Aha.

[4th caller]: Is there something there, because I know you said that every music that you play on your show, there is something there.

WC: It has meaning, yes.

[4th caller]: Okay. Most of the time sitting here and hear what you are saying, because its so much [inaudible], its very peaceful music.

WC: Very peaceful? If you listen to what she is saying, there are messages there, and they are pagan messages from the Celt religion.

[4th caller]: That’s what I was thinking and I mean, that’s one of her favorite music groups …

WC: It doesn’t mean they are bad messages. Some of them are really good messages. You know, all people in all religions, it doesn’t matter what they believe in, teach good things. They just don’t always teach what other religions and other people consider to be good things, and some of them, from time to time, teach bad things, including Christianity, when they taught that it was good to burn at the stake people who did not believe what other Christians believe or what the Catholic Church dictated should be believed.

[4th caller]: I do agree, Sir, but i certainly look the music, the melody, whether you look into the words or not.

WC: Oh, I do, too. It think its some of the most beautiful music ever written.

[4th caller]: Okay, Sir. And not only that …

WC: That’s one of the reasons I use it. I tried to use music that not only carries a message with it, but is aesthetically pleasing to not only me but the listening audience. And I also use a lot of music that I know my audience have never heard in their life, in order to sort of expand their feeling for music.

[4th caller]: Personally, I have heard some of the music you played. Some of the older stuff, I am getting into that. Event The Rose. I am calling from Texas here, and we have the Preparedness Expo, and Bo Gritz, who recently shot himself, he is on the list, he is supposed to show up.

WC: Isn’t that something? *laughs*

[4th caller talks more about Enya]

[5th caller shortly thanks William Cooper for getting the truth out.]

WC: Well, don’t put me on a pedestal, folks, I’m human like you, and believe me, I’ll be the first one to fall of, I’ve always told you that. I don’t want to be what you … what I am trying to get you away from. I don’t want to be the person that you blindly follow. I never wanted that. Don’t want it. Don’t do it, okay?

[6th caller asks about rebroadcasting The Hour of the Time. William Cooper explains about setting up your own radio station.]

[Interlude music: Enya music]

[7th caller asks about birth certificates and spelling the family name in capital letters, if it would make any difference.]

WC: If there is a birth certificate, you are owned by the state, you are a human resource. And they can pledge all of you work and productivity to back the national debt. That’s why, in 1933 they instituted the Department of Human Resources and began the requirement that all babies born have a birth certificate, which is then sent to the Department of Human Resources.

[7th caller]: But there is a way around it?

WC: Oh, there is a way to get around all of it, yes, all fraud, you see? You cannot be held to a contract, the terms of which were never explained to you, you did not enter it willingly, also, in a matter of the birth certificate, you are not a party of the contract, because you did not sign it. You were not even of age to be responsible to enter into a contract. See, they scam people, they lie to us, the cheat us, they defraud us of our birth right, and its all done by sneaky underhanded lies, because that’s the kind of people they are. They are scum puke-face lying manipulating cowards.

[7th caller]: It is a shock to learn all of this stuff.

WC: It was a shock to me. When I found out that I was serving a system that was enslaving me for most of my life, I was incensed, absolutely incensed. I was so angry, you wouldn’t even believe how angry I was. I jumped in a bottle of Scotch for a couple of weeks.

[7th caller]: It will take me a little while to get out of this stuff.

WC: Yes, it will, but you can do it. And, as a last resort, if they absolute refuse to let you out, you can do what I have done. You can say, „My rights come from God, not from you. I refuse to bow to your tyranny. I refuse to pay you tribute. And if you come against me and mine, I will defend myself with what the founding fathers gave me as a last resort against tyranny. And I will die on my doorstep rather then to submit to you scum.

[7th caller]: Like Braveheart.

WC: You don’t go out and kill them.

[7th caller]: No.

WC: You defend your creator endowed rights against them, should they come to kill you or take your property. That’s what we all must do. If every single person in this country would take that stand, and take their stand with and for their neighbor, it would be all over and we would have the restoration of republican constitutional government. Unfortunately most people are cowards. It seems to be the state.

[7th caller]: We have been dumbed down, too.

WC: Dumbing down is no excuse for cowardness.

[7th caller]: No, this is true.

WC: And once you received the truth, if you continue to live in the fantasy, that’s cowardness, but that’s up to you.

[7th caller]: Yeah, right. I understand.

[Interlude music: Enya music]

[8th caller talks about Schimon Peres‘ visit at a university in Texas]: Of course he said ‚democracy‘ about 30 times, but he kept mentioning … He was talking about a university and he said he wanted to talk to the young people, that’s one reason he came here. He talked about that they need to get ready and starting to change the way they are thinking about things. He mentioned Globalization a whole lot.

WC: Yes, well, you know, what he believes in.

[8th caller]: Well, yes. And, I made a copy of the page out of your book, and I’m a teacher, a teacher in the middle school, I tried to work my way up to teaching political science in high school, but anyway, I made a copy of your book of … you have a copy from the Look Magazine 1962, a dated Ben Gurion, his view of the world in 1987. Now, next to that I put the biography that they gave us at the lecture of Schimon Peres, how he was hand picked in his twenties to be the Minister of Defense, by David Ben Gurion. So, I made to see a connection about one of the men who groomed him, and of course his view of the world. And i guess if people don’t have your book, Ben Gurion’s view of the world in 1962, looking ahead 25 years was a … Well, he looked at the United States as having a planned economy, being a welfare state, a planned economy, and that the world, there would be a world system that will be ruled from Jerusalem. And they would build a temple, no, I cant remember the word, a Shrine of the Prophet. And that they would have an international court there to settle all disputes. And of course there would be an international police force, and there would be no more armies and no more wars.

WC: Yeah, here is the Zionist goal.

[8th caller talks about Lech Walesa and how he is a catholic and mentioned the Pope several times at the university speech and talked about solidarity.]

WC: Lech Walesa is a Communist. You cant be a Communist and be a Catholic at the same time. Communist do not believe in God or Jesus Christ or anything else, but they do believe in World Government and so does the Pope, that’s the key.

[8th caller]: Whats funny, at the lecture I got the point of Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto and that says that one of the last slug in their lines is „Workers of the world, unite!“

WC: *laughs* That’s solidarity. Absolutely.

[8th caller]: So about the lecture, you couldn’t just walk to the microphone and ask a question. You had to write down your question on a card, …

WC: Yes, that’s so that they can make sure that they are not asked anything that might be embarrassing or might actually tip the hand of whats really going on there.

[8th caller]: Yeah, they never asked my question, it is weird …

WC: *laughs*

[8th caller]: But the lesson is this, you know, it was all some softball questions, like how great he was in solidarity and he said to the interpreter, … he has a very good sense of humor, but he said to the interpreter, „What are you scared of?“ Some even mentioned censorship, so they read all of the questions and finally they read my question: „Your ideas of this globalism, you sound like a Socialist!“ That was basically the question, so he basically talked about how evil Communism was and then he said, „I am not a Socialist.“ But everything he said, sounds like …

WC: Oh, he is a Socialist. He is also a Communist. He is also a liar.

[8th caller]: Yes, that’s what I was to trying to tell there. It was very interesting, there was a man who made his way to the microphone, and I noticed on his arm a tattoo, and this man had withe hair, and he looked European. And he made his way to the microphone, and of course you know what the tattoo was. It was a five digit number. When you see an older man with white hair and he’s got a five digit number on his arm, I mean, you think of a concentration camp survivor. Thats what I was trying to say.

WC: Could be. But not necessarily.

[8th caller]: Okay, not necessarily, but he spoke polish to Walesa, and then he spoke English to him and the interpreter spoke, he basically said, „I’m basically not far from a place from where you are coming. I have property there that was taken away from me.“ And then he mentioned that he started in Auschwitz and ended up in Buchenwald. He was a concentration camp survivor. And he has been in America since 1945, and I talked to him after the lecture. He said the reason why he came to America was freedom.

WC: Most people who immigrate to this country from other countries, come here from freedom, and when they get here they are absolutely amazed that most Americans are in the process of giving it up for what they left.

Good night, folks, we got to head on out of here, because we are out of time. Okay, folks, good night, God bless each and every single one of you.

[Outro music: Unknown]

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