“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” -Article 19, United Nations Declaration of Universal Human Rights

A common thread that binds many internet users and impels them toward Anonymous is the concept that information, by its nature, is free; and that communication should be unfettered. The open sharing and expression of ideas and opinions, however controversial or divergent, is the cornerstone of all free societies. This ability empowers individuals to determine their own destinies; justice is possible only when the influential cannot force others to remain silent about abuse.

The precise meaning of “Freedom of Information” varies according to the individual. To some, it simply means being able to seek out public knowledge on a subject without fear of retribution or censorship from the government. This view is based on the idea that access to accurate, relevant information informs rational opinions about the world around us.

To others, Freedom of Information is a call for greater corporate and governmental transparency. This conviction stems from the notion that in order for citizens to participate fully and democratically, those in power must share all kinds of information–whether or not it is politic for them to do so. Thus fraud, theft and abuse must be exposed to the public, and the perpetrators held accountable for their actions.

Finally, some individuals view Freedom of Information as a call to rethink current positions on the concept of intellectual property, in the interest of a better world. This view favors diminishing legal and corporate limitations on the use of ideas or creative work that may inhibit innovation and progress.

For any or all of these reasons, many Anonymous activists believe that Freedom of Information is as vital to a free society as the universal right to freedom of expression. WhyWeProtest supports these activists in their various Freedom of Information initiatives.

Eine Antwort zu FOI

  1. Kugelblitz schreibt:

    I agree, everyone should have the right to express his stupidity. Or else some smart asses would take over our dump.

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