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You are listening once again to The Hour of the Time. I am William Cooper. Ladies and gentlemen, remember, next month is October. That’s the witching month for financial catastophy. If you look back through history at the financial dives that the stockmarket has taken, almost all of them – not all of them – but almost all of them have occured in the month of October. We know that one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto ist to eliminate the middle class, what they call the Bourgeois. *laughs* And, we also know, ladies and gentlemen, that its getting close to Waltz time, the magical hour when the bell tolls midnight and ushers in the new millenium, which the secret societies and the full body of adepts, known as the Illuminati, refer to as the Golden Dawn, the New Age, the culmination of the Great Work, the Great Plan, the recovery of the Lost Light, the manifestation of the Lost Word, etc, etc, etc.

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The webpage is getting huge, ladies and gentlemen, and it is extremely complicated, I gotta tell you, just keeping up with what page is where, ah, in fact I having to draw a special chart now, and so that I can visualize what it is that I am doing on there. Because we have now so much information and so many links that is impossible for one person to remember all of it. It is incredible. For tonights broadcast, The Illuminati Exposed, the entire text of tonights broadcast can be found in the Secret Society page go to Illuminati Exposed and you will find it there. It’s written by a man named R. Shand, and, ah, he did a pretty good job, and you are going to hear tonight, that I am not the only one who has researched these people and come up with exactly the same answers. R. Shand had never heard of me before in his life. And he did his own research, he has come up with the same answers, and, so I’m going to give you his version of the Illuminati Exposed, tonight, on The Hour of the Time. And if I were you, I would take notes, we will call this another tape in the Lost Light series, because his research is excellent. I cant fault it anyware, and the small disagreements I have with it, I will add or subtract from tonights broadcast. So if you want to get the entire thing, with my research and comments and knowledge, added in on this broadcast, then you need to order this tape, and you can go right to the For Sale menu, or the For Sale page, and you can download whatever tapelist you want, bearing in mind, that only the 1997 tapes are for sale. If the most recent tapes arent on the list yet, they will be updated within the next couple of days, right up to date. And so you dont anymore have to send a dollar and a selfaddressed stamped envelope, all you have to do is go to the webpage and, poop, there it is. It will give you instructions, all you do is send an email message to our auto-responder and you will receive whatever tapelist you ordered in your email-box within one hour. Probably a whole lot less unless there is a whole bunch people ordering it. Ah, if you havent explored every link and every page on our webpage, folks, I strongy urge you to do so. For, the moment, that you hit our homepage you’re gonna start on an adventure, a quest for truth, the likes of which you have never imagined in your wildest dreams, and it is actually possible to stay on our website now for days and never run out of things to do or things to learn. So, get with it, you need it, we all need it. And, folks, while I’m building this website, I’m learning more all the time, just as I always do in every endavour I engage myself in. Dont go away, I will be right back with the Illuminati Exposed.

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You know, folks, before I begin this, I went through the tapes that we done on the Illuminati and its approaching a 100 hours now. The first original series, Mystery Babylon, was 41 tapes. And it wasnt until today, you see I didnt even realize it, because I just do the broadcasts and I give Annie the tapes, I didnt even realize it but the Luxor videotape is number 33 in the series. So, somehow this mysteriously works out the way these people have planned it, I guess, and number 33 being a videotape, when the tapes are sent to whoever orders the series, we always get a letter or a postcard from them saying „Number 33 was missing.“ Just like the Lost Light, the Lost Word and its incredible. You see, there really is something to the way their magical system of numbers works, and I’m not saying its good or bad I am saying that there is something to it. And I’m not quite sure exactly what that is. But its there, none the lest. For those of you who have done the research and began to pear in to the mysteries behind the veil, you have also written me letters and you have noticed some of the same things happening with you. And so I thought I would just mention that before getting into the meat of tonights broadcast. I find it amazing, that I have done close to a 100 hours just on the Illuminati over the years. Thats an awful lot. Its a lot of research, ladies and gentlemen, and not all of the research is mine. Most of it is and I’m the only one who has ever put it all together and educated what they call the profane into the secrets of the Order. Tonight, the Illuminati Exposed, by R. Shand.

He doesnt start as early in the history of man, as I do in my research and in my expose of these people. However he starts, and thats important, and where he starts, from this point forward, agrees exactly with what the research, that I have produced with just some minor differences. And I think thats just because I’ve been at it for so many more years than anybody else.

Robert Anthon Wilson, in his book, the Cosmic Trigger, wrote: „Sufi historian Idries Shah traces the name of the Illuminati back to a verse in the Koran, which mentions a shining star. And you can also see Pathan [sp?] and Judean illuminator for ancient Egyptian and Judean connections to the Illuminati, and there are many. The term ‚Illuminati‘, according to William T. Still in his book The New World Order, was used by one early writer, Menendez Palleo, as early as 1492, and is attributable to a group named the Allumbrados of Spain. The Allumbrados were said to receive secret knowledge from an unknown higher source, resulting in superior human intelligence. This group was contemned by an edict of the Grand Inquisition in 1623, and you all know what happens, when that happens. People get barbecued, burned at the stake, put on the rack, bones broken in all the parts of their body. Eyes burned out. Some writers claim that a group named The Illuminated Ones was found by Joachim of Floris in the 11th century and taught a primitive supposedly Christian doctrine of poverty and equality.

The 16th century saw the rise of a powerful society, based upon a secret cult in the mountains of Afghanistan, known as the Roshaniya, or The Illuminated Ones. The early figure named in the history of the cult is one Bāyazīd Ansārī of Afghanistan, whose family claimed descent from the Ansar, the helpers, who assisted Mohammed after his flight from Mecca nearly 1400 years ago. And as a reward for this service, he stated his ancestors had been granted initiation into the mysteries of the Ishmaelite religion, the secret inner training, which dated from Abraham’s rebuilding of the temple at Mecca, the mystical Hiram.

Not far from Peshawar, which is now in the northwest of Pakistan, Bāyazīd set up a small school, where he carefully coached those who have been initiated by him in the knowledge of the supernatural that he claimed. A period of probation is expected from each candidate during which he would go into periods of conceilment or medidation, known as Kilwat, or silence. During this time he was to receive the illumination, which was emanated from the supreme being, who desired a perfect class of men and women to carry out the organisation and direction of the world. Merchants and soldiers contributed lavishly to the chiefs upkeep and his most expensive military, political and espionage system. At this state of succes, Bāyazīd now preached, that there was no afterlife of the kind currently believed in. No reward, no punishment, only a spirit state, which was completely different from earthly life. The spirits, if they belonged to the order, could continue to enjoy themselves in the earthly powers, acting through living members. Eat, drink and be merry. Gain power, look after yourself. You have no allegiance except to the Order, he told them: and all humanity which cannot identify itself by our secret sign is our lawful prey.“

[Oh, how many times have I told you that?]

„Forty years after the last religio-military leader of the Afghan Illuminate Ones died, a society of the same name (known the Illuminati) came into being in Germany, formed, it is said, by Adam Weishaupt, [and if you look into the meaning of the word „Adam“ and „Weishaupt“ *laughs*, you will find that the symbology and the hidden code is everywhere, ladies and gentlemen] Weishaupt, was said to be a young professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University. Coincidences of date and beliefs connect these Bavarian Illuminati with the Afghan ones, and also with other cults which called themselves ‚Illuminated‘.“ [And for reference for that you can look into Arkon Daraul, Secret Societies.]

[Adam Weishaupt was a strange duck indeed, ladies and gentlemen,] Rather than obey the dictates of the real, and adjust himself to his reduced limits, late eighteenth-century man took refuge among phantoms; satisfying his nostalgia with the marvels offered by impostors and necromancers, he fled matter and denied its existence….A whole culture began collapsing. Adam Weishaupt „adopted the teachings of radical French philosophers such as Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) and the anti-Christian doctrines of the Manicheans. He was indoctrinated in Egyptian occultism in 1771 by a merchant of unknown origin named Kolmer, who was said to have traveled Europe in search of converts.

Brilliant and well trained by the Jesuits in the conspiratorial methods of access to power, young Weishaupt decided to organize a body of conspirators, determined to free the world from the Jesuitical rule of Rome and help humanity back to the pristine Christian faith of the hermetic martyrs. He is reputed to have been initiated by a German merchant named Kolmer, he had spent many years in Egypt, into a secret doctrine based on Manichaeism. Mayday of 1776, Weishaupt founded his own sect of the Very Perfectibles – better known as the Illuminati – with five original members, self-described as reformist libertarians, partisans of absolute equality. [And that you can find in The Magic of Obelisks by Peter Tompkins.]

[And while we’re here on the subject on the training that Adam Weishaupt received from the Jesuits, ladies and gentlemen, it is incredible, that people would believe that Adam Weishaupt, who was in fact a Jesuit priest, would divorce himself from his original order and form something like the Illuminati in order to get even with the Jesuits and to break their power … because, ladies and gentlemen, the Jesuits came out of the Illuminati themselves. Remember the reference to the Alumbrados of Spain? *laughs* Well, Ignatius Loyola, ladies and gentlemen, who was the first general of the Jesuits, sometimes refered to as the Black Pope, was a member, in fact, the leader of the Alumbrados in Spain. He was the leader of the Spanish Illuminati. He was arrested by the Inquisition. He was in the process of interogating just prior to his tortue phase, when he used his influence through his brothers of the Illuminati to gain an audience with the pope. He entered the chambers of the pope on his hands and knees, ladies and gentlemen, and when he emerged, he was the General of a new order called the Society of Jesus, and some say has as much or more power than the pope, or as the pope, as the case may be. And that was the birth of the society known as the Jesuits. You can see them practising their subversion around the world now as they preach Marxist Liberation Theology in Thirld World Nations. And so it goes on and on and on. So those of you who believe that Adam Weishaupt began his branch of the Bavarian Illuminati to get even with the Jesuits, you still havent done all the research that you need to do, ladies and gentlemen, because that is not the case. Never was the case, never could be the case for they are the same Order.]

Adam Weishaupt, [now I’m continuing with R. Shands expose], Adam Weishaupt, Professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt, conceived the idea of founding an order which, by mutual helpfulness, counsel, and philosophic discussions, would increase morality and virtue, lay the foundation for the reformation of the world, and oppose the progress of evil, all of which objectives were expressed in the name, ‚Order of Perfectibilists‘ or ‚Perfectionists‘, which was soon changed to ‚Illuminati‘, which is best translated as ‚intellectually inspired‘. Modesty and humility seems to have been no trait of Weishaupt, for he was one of the first to attempt to fly with little knowledge of human aerodynamics. His ambition outweighed his judgement; his ideals were too refined for a rude world. Like many other promoters, Weishaupt sought the aid of Freemasonry to give his machine both propulsion and ballast. [And apparently he didnt know that at the highest levels of Freemasonry was already installed the Knights Templar, fully in control of that branch of the Illuminati.] But it dragged Freemasonry down without helping Illuminism very much. [And only because Weishaupt had a big mouth. One of the tenents of the order is you never admit its existence. And thats the first thing that he did. You see, *laughs* people point to the Bavarian Illuminati as being the only branch that ever existed. Not true, ladies and gentlemen, its the only branch whose leader was foolish enough to allow the public to know, that it existed. And it wouldnt suprise me at all to find, that the Illuminati in itself had been a mayor movement in the destruction of Weishaupts order.] Weishaupt, [they say,] was too shrewd and subtle for his own good, though such qualities gave him headway for a time. Although he formerly belonged to the Jesuits, he secured admission to a lodge of Freemasons in 1777. Ironically, that was named ‚Lodge of Caution‘.

We are not informed as to just how Weishaupt became associated with Adolph Franz Friedrich Ludwid Baron Von Knigge, for the latter lived in North Germany, was of the nobility, and, after his initiation in 1773, showed little interest in Freemasonry. But noblemen were found in abundance in the most fraudulent orders in Germany claiming some Masonic connections. Weishaupt, in 1780, dispatched the Marquis de Costanzo to propagate Illuminism in the north and Knigge probably then first showed interest in the society. He became more and more enthusiastic as the plan was revealed to him, and, in 1781, accepted the invitation to visit Bavaria and receive full access to all of Weishaupt’s materials. Knigge not only completed the scale of degrees but became a proponent of them, bringing to his aid the assistance of Johann J. C. Bode, a prominent German Mason. The order was at first very popular and attracted, it is said, some of the best men in Germany and some of the worst. It had 2000 names on its rolls and spread to France, Belgium, Holland, Denamrk, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, and Italy. [And you can find that referenced in Coil’s Masonic Encyclopedia, 1961 by Henry Wilson Coil.]

In Peter Tompkins The Magic of Obelisks, we find:] Unable in Catholic Bavaria to achieve this utopian goal by direct means, Weishaupt determined to work from within an existing organization: the Masonic order….By 1779, there were 54 members of the Illuminati, mostly young noblemen and clergymen, established in four Bavarian cities. Thereafter, with the help of a Masonic bookseller, Johann Bode, the order branched out through Southern Germany and Austria, and down into France and Northern Italy, intellectuals, such as Goethe, Schiller, Mozart, and Herder were attracted [and actually where members.]

[In Coil’s Masonic Encyclopedia, again:] Knigge, especially, was a highly religious and intellectual man and would have had nothing to do with that or any other order which was anti-Christian, yet, the vicious attacks and accusations by Baruel and Robison had great influence, and it was even charged that the Illuminati were themselves agents of the Jesuits, [And that, ladies and gentlemen, is closer to the thruth than you will ever know.] though the latter were opposing it in their usual secret manner. The Illuminati were extremely secretive, even identifying themselves and their chapters by assumed classical names; for examples, Weishaupt was Spartacus, Knigge was Philo, Ingolstadt, the headquarters, was Eleusis, Austria was Egypt, etc. Dates were given in a sort of cryptography.

[In William T. Stills New World Order, he says, that] Thomas Jefferson „strenuously defended the Illuminati, and described Weishaupt as ‚an enthusiastic philanthropist‘. [And thats absolutly true, ladies and gentlemen, Thomas Jefferson himself was a member, which is not widely known.]

„As Weishaupt lived under the tyranny of a despot and priests, he knew that caution was necessary even in spreading information, and the principles of pure morality. This has given an air of mystery to his views, was the foundation of his banishment….If Weishaupt had written here, where no secrecy is necessary in our endeavors to render men wise and virtuous, he would not have thought of any secret machinery for that purpose.“ [That is an exact quote from Thomas Jefferson.]

The Illuminati were finally beset by both internal and external disorders, for Weishaupt found fault with some of Knigge’s ritualistic work and peremptorily ordered it changed, whereupon, Knigge became disgusted and resigned in 1784. The Jesuits had fought it from the first and eventually all priests became its active enemies and raised so much opposition that the Elector of Bavaria supressed the Order by edict, June 22, 1784, many Illuminati being imprisoned and some, including Weishaupt, being forced to flee the country. [The Jesuits were not opposed to the Illuminati, ladies and gentlemen, they were the Illuminati. They were opposed to the mess that Weishaupt was making of the name the order and its public exposition, that the Illuminati not only existed, but had plans to remake the world. This made them very angry, for the first tenent of the Illuminati is to always remain in the background, behind the veil. Never calling attention to themselves, never admitting the existence of the order, ever! And they are all under an oath, a blood oath, where they consent, that if they break their vows of secrecy, they will be murdered in a most terrible manner.]

Many Illuminati were forced to flee the country, [and of course, found other orders, went into those orders, and eventually made themselves ready and known and climbed up the pyramidal structure of initiation to once again take their place and this time hold their tongue.]

Though the first edict had been obeyed, it was repeated in March and August, 1785. Not only Illuminism, but Freemasonry was exterminated in Bavaria and neither ever recovered its former position [to this day.] The Illuminati seem to have completely disappeared everywhere by the end of the 18th century. [And that is the way they had always existed and that is the way that they preferred it. That is their law, in fact, and was a normal consequence of watching what happened to Adam Weishaupt.]

The suppression of the Illuminati of Bavaria in 1785 created a tremendous furor whose echoes reached as far as New England, drawing George Washington out in support of the suspect American Freemasons. [Of course, he was one.] In fact the Illuminati proved to be the unwilling occasion for the birth of modern conspiracy theory. Wildly exaggerated accounts of their supposed wickedness and of the imminent peril which they represented for society were published in a great epidemic of pamphlets. Their secrecy, their insistence on recruitment of important civil servants, their concealment of the true aims of the society from all but a few highly placed initiates, combined to make them into the bogeymen not only of the German conservatives but of a wider European public. [And for good reason.] Four years later, when the French Revolution broke out, the mythical beliefs about the Illuminati of Bavaria were incorporated in a vaster and [even] wilder conspiracy theory, which found room also for the Templars. [And, folks, that was a quote from Murdered Magicians, written by Peter Partner, someone who did his research not very well. Or, maybe he did it only too well and did what was expected of him under the circumstances.]

What is today called the conspiracy theory was born in the flood tide of books, pamphlets, and articles denouncing the Illuminati and linking them to an ever-lengthening list of other supposed plotters. The scope of the accusations is reflected in the title of one anti-Illuminati book, published in 1797: Proofs of a Conspiracy against All the Religions and Governments of Europe, Carried On in the Secret Meetings of Free Masons, Illuminati, and reading Societies, Collected from Good Authorities….The 170-year-old Proofs of a Conspiracy was reissued in 1967 by the John Birch Society, which apparently considered the Illuminati a clear and present danger. [And thats from Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects, and you can obtain Proofs of a Conspiracy, by Robinson, and read it for yourself. He quotes directly from the Freemasonic and Illuminati publications like I do and convicted them in their own words, ladies and gentlemen, he didnt make any of it up and its all true.]

[Dont go away, Ill be right back, I need to get me a little drink of water.]

[Interlude music: Enya]

One of the things you notice, when you research the Illuminati and the secret orders, when you are reading the books of others, who have written about these orders and these people, is that they dont take them seriously as all. They refer to their rites of initiation and their ceremonies as mumbo-jumbo, and the like. In fact, it is not. It is a very very complicated secret religion, based upon the journey of the soul, and it is the same religion that has existed throughout the history of humanity, practised in the secret orders of all of the major societies of the world, in particular the upper or nobility class, the people who had knowledge and educations and ruled the countries of the world. And here is an example from Peter Partner in the Murdered Magicians. He is also the one, who talks quite elaboratly of conspiracy theories.]

The aristocratic mumbo-jumbo of the Templar lodges pandered to the confused conservatism of the German nobles and had a great deal in common with the mumbo-jumbo of the Rosicrucians, to whose ideas the Illuminati were absolutely opposed. The Bavarian Illuminati were an austere emanation of the spirit of the German Professorate, inspired by a consciously bourgeois program, irreligious and radical.

[And here you can see that Peter Partner did not take Adam Weishaupt seriously either, who said that his order would exist under many different names and occupations, always appearing to oppose each other, but at the highest levels of these orders, they were of the same body and of the same mind.]

The ceremonies [of the Illuminati] were divided into three principal classes and those into degrees as follows [as far as we’ve been able to determine, but remember, this is a secret order, there could be many many more, and probably are. But this is what we were able to discover, its what R. Shand discovered, anybody who researches the Illuminati will find the same thing.]

The first degree was The Nursery.

1. Preparatory Literary Essay
2. Novitiate
3. Minerval
4. Minor Illuminatus
5. Magistratus

are the degrees in the Nursery, there are five degrees. And in the second class, called Symbolic Freemasonry, there are four degrees.

1. Apprentice
2. Fellow Craft
3. Master
4.(a) Scots Major Illuminatus
..(b) Scots Illuminatus Dirigens (Directory)

And in the third class, called The Mysteries, there are two degrees, divided into sections.

1. Lesser
(a) Presbyter, Priest, or Epopt
(b) Prince or Regent
2. Greater
(a) Magus
(b) Rex or King (some of these latter degrees were never completed) [they say, however, when I crawl the Internet and I find people signing their name with Fraternitas Rex Mundi, ladies and gentlemen, I know that that is not a true statement. And thats from Coils Masonic Encyclopedia, by the way, if you’d like to look that up for yourself.

Here is something, that was sent to R. Shand by Jeff Jorczak, and he says:

„Status as a Mason was not required for initiation into the Order of Illuminati since the fourth, fifth and sixth degrees of Weishaupt and Baron Von Knigge’s system practically duplicated the three degrees of symbolic Freemasonry. Although Knigge claimed to have a system of ten degrees, the last two appear never to have been fully worked up.“ [Again, thats as far as we were able to find.]

[In The Gods of Eden, by William Bramley, which is questionable, *laughs*, highly questionable, any of the stuff that you read in there, although he did some legitamite research into the secret societies, he claims that all of the secret societies are headed and guided by extraterrestials from some other planet, and ladies and gentlemen, that just flat ain’t true. *laughs* But William Bramley says in The Gods of Eden:

„Openly political and antimonarchial, Weishaupt’s ‚Illuminati‘ formed another channel of ‚higher degrees‘ for Freemasons to graduate into after completing the blue degrees. Weishaupt’s ‚Illuminati‘ had its own ‚hidden master‘ known as the ‚Ancient Scot Superior‘.“

[And you can find a link right to that place, ladies and gentlemen, on my website. And I dont mean William Bramley’s Gods of Eden, I mean the Ancient Scot Superior. According to Arkon Daraul, in Secret Societies:]

„In the lower ranks – the ’nursery‘ – the member was very much in the dark as to the way in which the Order was run, and how it should accomplish its design of freeing the world. As he progressed, however, he found that a part of his service to the Society was to gain financial and social power, and to place them at the disposal of the group. He was expected to be a diligent Mason, and to try to gain control over Masonic funds. It was not until the tenth rite of promotion had been completed that the member was given – with the grade of Priest – certain definite knowledge. This included the fact that the Illuminati were proposing to destroy princes and prelates throughout the world, and were to remove forever the feeling of local nationality from the minds of men. The ways in which this was to be done involved infiltrating high positions in education, administration and the Press.

„The very highest degrees showed that the rationalism and materialism of the thinkers who developed it were determined to stamp out belief in religion. God and any faith in a deity, the initiate was told, were human inventions, and had no real meaning. Subsequently this was developed further, and the member who arrived at the highest position (that of Rex, King, or King of the World, Rex Mundi) learned that he was now equal to a king, and that all men were capable of equal advancement; hence the need for kings over ordinary mortals was an illusion.“

[And folks, what I just read to you right there, I mean if you look around you today, if you cant see the hand of the Illuminati at work, then you cant see. We follow the thread, the threads of conspiracy if you will:]

„After their recent exposures in Bavaria, The Illuminati had been driven even further underground, taking on a variety of names, such as The French Revolutionary Club. As radicals flocked into these new varieties of Illuminism, a larger meeting hall was needed. The Hall of the Jacobins Convent was leased, and it was from this hall that they eventually derived their new name, the Jacobin Club. [And the Jacobin Club was very active in the early days of the United States of America.]

„The Jacobin Club met in secret and eventually boasted of having some of the best-educated and most influential men in France among its 1,300 members. The Jacobins vowed to destroy the monarchy, as well as other existing institutions, and sought to establish what they called a ‚New World Order‘, or ‚Universal Republic‘.“ [*laughs* Thats whats coming. And these are the people who are bringing it, and they did destroy the Monarchy, ladies and gentlemen, and they are at work in England right now to destroy that Monarchy, and by golly, it wont be long until the House of Windsor falls. They cant even any longer handle their own family, much less the nation. And the Illuminati in control of the press and the other institutions are hammering at them constantly, all the time. And the people, well, the people love their Monarch, they say, but they hate the Monarchy. *laughs* How about that?]

„The famous magician and occultist, Cagliostro, was initiated into the Illuminati in 1783. Many years later, he told Catholic priests about his initiation. The initiation took place in an underground room near Frankfurt, Germany.“

„An iron box filled with papers was opened. The introducers took from it a manuscript book [which] on the first page…read: ‚We, Grand Masters of the Templars…’then followed a form of oath, traced in blood. The book stated that Illuminism was a conspiracy directed against thrones and altars, and that the first blows were to attain France, that after the fall of the French Monarchy, Rome must be attacked.“
„By March, 1789, the 266 lodges controlled by the [French] Grand Orient were all ‚illuminized‘ without knowing it, for the Freemasons in general, were not told the name of the sect that brought them these mysteries, and only a very small number were really initiated into the secret… [Those at the highest of the pyramidal structure of initiation, and] in the following month the Revolution broke out.“ [Thats from Nesta H. Wesbster, Secret Societies and Subversive Movements]

„Cagliostro was the Agent of the Templars, and therefore wrote to the Freemasons of London that the time had come to begin the work of re-building the Temple of the Eternal. He had introduced into Masonry a new Rite called the Egyptian, and endeavored to resuscitate the mysterious worship of Isis. The three letters ‚l. P. D.‘ on his seal, were the initials of the words ‚Lilia pedibus destrue‘, ‚tread under foot the Lilies [of France]‘, and a Masonic medal of the sixteenth or seventeenth century has upon it a sword cutting off the stalk of a lily, and the words ‚talem dabit ultio messem‘, ’such harvest revenge will give‘.“ [And you can find that in Morals and Dogma, by General Albert Pike.]

[In The Assassins – Holy Killers of Islam, by Edward Burman, I quote:]

„In his Mémoires pour servir æ l’histoire du Jacobinisme published in three volumes from 1797 to 1798, Barruel [a Jesuit scholar] derived all evils from the Mani and the Manicheans and demonstrated the existence of a continuous historical conspiracy.“

[From Peter Partner in The Murdered Magicians – The Templars and their Myth:]

„In the minds of Barruel and Cadet de Gassicourt [Le Tombeau de Jacques de Molay] there was in invincible belief in a continuous historical conspiracy, through which anarchist beliefs had passed from the medieval heretics in the west and the Assassins in the east to the Templars and thence through the four Templar lodges which were set up after the death of Jacques de Molay in 1314.“

[And it is absolutely true. My research has not only found that to be true, but I have traced it from the beginning of the written and oral history of the human race, right up to the present time, and I have revealed that history and that research to you, on this broadcast, giving you sources and documentation for every single bit of it, which many of you have duplicated the research now and have found, that every single word of it is true. Edward Burman in The Assassins – Holy Killers of Islam says:]

„All revolutionaries and murderers since then had been part of a single ‚Templar‘ society – including Cromwell, the murderer of Henry IV of France, conspirators in Portugal, Brazil and Sweden, and of course Robespierre and Danton.“

[David Conway in Ritual Magic said:]

„Eliphas Levi claimed that the French Revolution represented the Templars‘ revenge for the persecution they had suffered in the thirteenth century.“ [And that also is true, ladies and gentlemen.]

„A Lodge inaugurated under the auspices of Rousseau, the fanatic of Geneva became the center of the revolutionary movement in France, and a Prince of the blood-royal went thither to swear the destruction of the successors of Phillipe le Bel on the tomb Jacques de Molai. The registers of the Order of Templars attest that the Regent, the Duc d’Orleans, was Grand Master of that formidable Secret Society, and that his successors were the Duc de Maine, the Prince of Bourbon-Condé and the Duc de Crossé-Brissace.“

„It was impossible to unfold to the people the conspiracy of the Templars against the Thrones and the Tiara…[To do so] would have been to initiate the multitude into the secrets of the Masters, and to have uplifted the veil of Isis.“

„When Louis XVI was executed, half the work was done; and thenceforth the Army of the Temple was to direct all its efforts against the Pope.“ [You’ll find that written by General Albert Pike in Morals and Dogma, and he should now, he were one, as Pogo would say.]

„In the spring and summer of 1789, an artificial shortage of grain was created by Illuminist manipulations of the grain market. This produced a famine so intense that it brought the nation to the edge of revolt. One of the leading figures in this scheme was the Duc d’Orleans, the grand Master of the grand Orient lodges. The Illuminatists claimed that their revolution would be ‚for the benefit of the bourgeoisie with the people as instruments…‘ but in reality the conspirators held up the food supplies and blocked all reforms in the National Assembly to exacerbate the situation, and the populace starved.

„By July 14, the Bastille was stormed, from which a grand total of only seven prisoners were ‚liberated‘. [Because thats all there was in there.] Even French historians now acknowledge that the purpose of the revolutionaries was not to destroy the Bastille or liberate the prisoners, but to steal arms and gunpowder. Thus armed, on July 22, 1789, the Jacobins set into motion one of the most elaborately timed revolutionary exercises ever attempted. It would later be known as ‚The great Fear‘. [Or ‚The Great Terror‘.]

„A panic was created simultaneously around the nation. Horsemen rode from town to town telling the citizens that ‚brigands‘ were approaching and that everyone should take up arms. Citizens were instructed that the conspirators were being harbored in the larger estates, the chateaux, and that by edict of the King all should be torched. The people, obedient to their monarch, complied. Soon, the flames of destruction were soon burning out of control. Anarchy continued to grow as citizens began raiding and pillaging – and not only for food.“

With the overthrow of the monarchy in 1792, „from the 10th of August onwards, we find the tricolor replaced by the red flag of the social revolution, whilst the cry of ‚Vive notre roi d’Orleans!‘ gives way to the masonic watchword ‚Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.“

„Terror was rampant in the streets of Paris….In November 1793 a campaign against religion was inaugurated by a massacre of the priests all over France. In the cemeteries the cherished motto of the Illuminati, ‚Death is an eternal sleep‘, was posted by the order of the Illuminatus ‚Anaxagoras‘ Chaumette. In the churches of Paris, Feasts of Reason were celebrated where women of easy morals were enthroned as goddesses. These were also known as ‚Exoterion‘, and were modeled on Weishaupt’s plan to honor the god of Love.“

„In 1791, after returning to the United States from a three-year stint as minister to France, he [Thomas Jefferson] described the carnage as ’so beautiful a revolution‘ and stated that he hoped it would sweep the world. He claimed to believe that ‚most Frenchmen were Jacobins. Their excesses, if one called them such, reflected that national will.“

„By 1793, much of France lay in ruin. Industries were decimated, libraries burned, the bourgeoisie all but wiped out. Even the great chemist Lavoisier had been guillotined on the excuse that ‚the Republic has no need of chemists‘.“

[The fact is every priest, every educated man, every professor, every scientist in France was guillotined, and thats what they are gonna do when they get this New World Order for all of you stupid, stupid intellectuals, who think, that you are somehow will be elevated to some superiour position in the new society. What fools you are. You have not studied the history of these people. And so, those who will not study history are doomed to repeat it.]

„Toward the end of 1793, the new revolutionary Republic found itself faced with hundreds of thousands of working men for whom it could not find employment. The revolutionary leaders embarked upon a fearful new project that was to be copied by tyrants ever after, called ‚depopulation‘ [or population control. You ever heard of that before, folks? *laughs* Read Global 2000, the presidents report on population.]

„The idea was to reduce France’s population of twenty-five million down to either eight or sixteen million, depending on which source you believe. Maximilien Robespierre believed depopulation to be ‚indispensable‘.“

„The system of the Terror was thus the answer to the problem of unemployment – unemployment brought about on a vast scale by the destruction of the luxury trades.“ [And that gave them an excuse to kill all those people, because they were what was know as ‚useless eaters‘. Heard that term before?]

„In France members of the revolutionary committees in charge of the extermination toiled day and night over maps, calculating just how many heads must be sacrificed in each town. Fearful Revolutionary Tribunals tried to determine who would be killed, and a never-ending stream of victims marched to a variety of deaths. In Nantes, 500 children were killed in one butchery, and 144 poor women who sewed shirts for the army were thrown into the river.“
„…Estimates of the final death toll at the time ran around 300,000.“

[Thomas Jefferson wrote, quote:]

„I have seen half the earth desolated. Were there but an Adam & Eve left in every country, & left free, it would be better than it now is…The liberty of the whole earth was depending on the issue of the contest.“ [And Thomas Jefferson, ladies and gentlemen, was most definitly a member of the Illuminati.]

Good night, folks, and God bless you all.

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